The Best Looking Eurovision 2008 Female Entrant?

25 thoughts on “The Best Looking Eurovision 2008 Female Entrant?

  1. Kalomoira absolutely diserved the 1st place…
    All the people who judge must be completely jealous as we can see from their comments…

  2. lol
    well.. the poll is closed since it’s for Eurovision 2008 participants.. Maybe I can reopen it so that you could vote for Maria 😆
    About Serbian girl, I must admit she doesn’t look very flattering in those pictures :s
    Here’s a better one:

    Jelena Tomasevic slika

  3. Oh oh a can see here a can see Maria GOSH OH GOSH!!
    Wow she sow pretty!!
    How can a vote?
    Cus she desurve place Puh Kalomira? Just becuse she look like Jesica Albam (The boy’s fav womman)
    Huh huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Norway have soem pretty girl’s you can tell me as a excempel!!!
    And Maria is the beuatyfull a can’t belive kalomira and the serbish girl came befour theyr ehmmm y know!

  4. OMG!
    That’s absurd were is the beautyfull Maria Haukas Storheng The womman who sing’s Hold on be strong for Norway.If she loose some wheigt she willl be pretty,she have the fantastic face EWHAT THE F0K?
    I will vote for my neighbour Sweden! (but charlotte is not very pretty to be honnest)

  5. Hm Charlotte was a lot on TV and posing for pictures … so I suppose moments like this one had to be captured

    Charlotte Perrelli ESC Other than that, she did look quite ok… But would you please look at Ishtar! Ishtar ESC outfit Csezy’s dress was also quite freaky if you ask me Csezy ESC outfit and there were more examples… On the other side, Sirusho actually amazed me and I didn’t notice there was anything wrong with her legs? 🙂

  6. i’m from Armenia and i can’t understand how Sirsho can get votes as the best looking: her legs are like two columns. best looking is not just face, is it?
    p.s. she absolutely cannot sing and she proved it in the first semi final.
    what a pity!

  7. After watching them on tv I can write that the most beautiful participants were from Ukraine, Sweden, Czech Republik and Hungary.

  8. Kalomoira at least won our Beauty contest! 😀
    I am absolutely going to make one for male contestants to try and get a victory for Boaz! 😀

  9. I don’t know what made you think that we “made it seem like this is exlusively for guys”… Probably because you didn’t know I’m female as well 😀
    And… while I’m on the subject.. after the first Semifinal, I’d vote for Sirusho too and, for the record, Kalomoira looked impressive with her entrance but she disappointed me with her behaviour in the backstage :S

  10. I’m a non-Armenian girl, and I voted for Sirusho. Why do you make it seem like this is exclusively for guys? Even (heterosexual) girls appreciate other girls’ beauty.
    I usually never watch Eurovision, but this year I decide to watch and it’s so entertaining 🙂 Ridiculous, but entertaining. And Sirusho is definitely the cutest, the hottest and the most natural of all girls you posted!

  11. Come on Morena we lovee you from malta goodluck pls vote for MORENA _VODKA_ xxxxxxxx

  12. morena is very nice girl and sexy girl vote malta in this eurovision with song vodka 12 pionts

  13. Well.. I could’ve allowed only registered users to vote but I guess in that case we would have had much less votes..
    It’s their choice however. If they chose not to find out who is the most beautiful contestant.. what can we do? :S
    But I believe Sirusho being at such high place is definitely not a result of Armenian votes!
    If you ask me, Rebeka Dremelj wins 100% !

  14. An objectivity of the voting is very doubtful for me. How can it be that Tereza Kerndlova is on the last place? I think you agree with me that she cannot be the least beautiful girl of all. It would be better if only the registered people could vote, because I also was not very fair and voted twice from the different computers. That means that one man can vote for his favourite many times, it depends on how many computers will he be able to find. And if the office is big just one man can change the poll voting from the computers of other workers.

  15. jelena is the best…and i’m from uk…when you hear her i’m sure that you will be in loved in her…her voice is amazing…jelena big kiss from uk….

  16. Thanks. It`s already too late to catch the others up but anyway it`s not very important I guess.

  17. From what I can see, the votes are not so much location related! Much to my surprise, Jelena Tomasevic got a lot of votes from Greece, then Czech Republic and Germany, France..
    Ani Lorak got votes from Poland, Belgium, Russia, UK, Bulgaria…
    I for one didn’t vote for Serbia. She is ok (unlike our last year contestant!) but the other girls are more beautiful. Starting with Rebeka Dremelj who got my vote!
    I think we have the “location situation” in the Big Poll because I can’t imagine so many objective posts being given to Spain! 🙂

  18. Frankly I wonder to know the living place of the voting people. Most likely everybody supports the girls from their countries rather than votes fair. I am in some doubt about the current results.

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