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Ako Vam je potreban kvalitetan pisani prevod sa engleskog na srpski i obrnuto, na pravom ste mestu.


Ako na listi prevedenih pesama ne pronađete onu čiji vam je potreban prevod sa engleskog na srpski ili sa srpskog/hrvatskog/bosanskog na engleski, posetite naš FORUM i zamolite za prevod.

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(If you are looking for a high-quality written translation from English to Serbian and vice versa, you’re in the right place.)


If , in the list of translated lyrics, you can’t find the lyrics or a poem that you need translated from English to Serbian or from Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian to English, visit our FORUM and make a translation request.

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616 thoughts on “Translation Requests Archive

  1. Boris on Wed, 9th Jun 2010 10:55 pm

    Provide serbian lyrics along with English translation
    Tri metera Somota

    Tri metera somota is an old traditional song and it has many many versions depending on the singer and the region (various parts of Serbia/Vojvodina…). Even different singers play with different lines and words, as long as they rhyme and entertain the crowd ;p
    Anyhow, I will write down the lyrics from the youtube version you’ve added in your comment but I’m not sure how much sense the translation will make considering that it’s highly unlikely that it will rhyme 😀

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