Celine Dion

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• A Cause
• A Child
• A Dove
• A Love For Me
• A Mother’s Prayer
A New Day Has Come – Dosao je novi dan
• A Promenade In Sledge
A Song For You – Pesma za tebe
• A World To Believe In
• Abraham’s Memory
• Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithfull)
• Ain’t Gonna Look The Other Way
• All Because Of You
All By Myself – Sasvim sama
• All the blues are written for you
• All The Way
Alone – Sama
• Alone once again
Always Be Your Girl – Uvek bicu tvoja
• And Then One Day
• Another Year Has Gone By
• Around Me
• Around the World
• At Last
• Ave Maria
• Baby Close Your Eyes
• Be The Man
• Beautiful Boy
• Beauty And The Beast
Because You Loved Me – Zato sto si me ti voleo
• Benjamin
• Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered
• Billy
• Blue Christmas
• Brahms’ Lullaby
• Businessman’s Blues
• Butterfly
• Call The Man
Calling You – Zovem te
• Can’t Fight The Feelin’
• Christmas Eve
• Come To me
• Coulda Woulda Shoulda
• Dance With My Father
• Days of fever
• Declaration Of Love
• Destiny
• Did You Give Enough Love
• Do Whatever You Will Want To
• Don’t Leave Without Me
• Don’t Pity Me
• Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day
• Dreaming Of You
• Earth
• En Amour
Endless Love – Beskrajna ljubav
Everybody’s Talkin My Baby Down – Svi pricaju lose o mom dragom
• Everywhere I see you
Eyes On Me – Drzi me na oku
• Fade Away
• Faith
Falling Into You – Padam na tebe
• Fever
• Finale (The First Time)
• First of all, What’s Love
• Fly
• Fly (English version)
• For You
• For You To Still Love Me
• Forget Me Not
• Four Steps away From Here
• Glory Alleluia
• Go Where Love Goes
• God Bless America
• Good God’s Voice
• Goodbye’s (The Saddest Word)
• Grand Mother
• Halfway To Heaven
• Happy Christmas (War is Over)
• Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
• Have A Heart
• Have You Ever Been In Love
• Hello Mister Sam
• Help
• Here, There And Everywhere
• Holy Night
• How To Love You
• Hymn To Friendship
• I Dance In My Head
• I Don’t Know
• I Don’t Want
I Drove All Night – Vozila sam celu noc
• I Feel Too Much
I Got Nothin’ Left – Nista vise nemam
• I Hate You Then I Love You
• I Know What Love Is
• I Love You
• I Love You, Goodbye
• I need a boyfriend
• I Remember L.A.
• I Saw Mother Kissing Santa Claus
I Surrender – Predajem se
• I Want You To Need Me
• I Was Waiting
• I Will sing
• I Wish
• I’ll Go Where You’ll Go
I’m Alive – Ziva sam
• I’m Loving Every Moment With You
• I’m Your Angel
• I’m Your Lady
• I’ve Got The World On A String
• If I Could
If I Ruled the World – Kad bih svetom vladala
• If I Were You
• If Love Is Out The Question
• If loving each other was enough
• If That’s What It Takes
• If These Walls Could Talk
• If Walls Could Talk
• If We Could Start Over
• If You Asked Me To
• If You Could See Me Now
• (If There Was) Any Other Way
Immortality – Besmrtnost
• In another world
• In His Touch
• In Love
• In Some Small Way
• In The Hand of a Magic Man
• Incognito
• Introduction
• Is Nothing Sacred
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Sad mi se sve vraca
• It’s For Living
• It’s For You
It’s Hard To Say Goodbye – Tesko je reci zbogom
• It Was Only A Dream
• Just A Little Bit Of Love
Just Walk Away – Samo odlazi
• Lasts Will Be Firsts
• Let’s Talk About Love
• Let Your Heart Decide
• Like a cold heart
• Like We Used To Say
• Listen To Me
• Listen To the Magic Man
• Little Bit Of Love
• Little Santa Claus
• Lolita (Too young to love)
• Look At Me
• Love By Another Name
Love Can Move Mountains – Ljubav planine pomera
Love Doesn’t Ask Why- Ljubav ne pita zasto
• Love Is All We Need
• Love Is On The Way
• Love Still Exists
• Love Will Come
• Lovin’ Proof
• Make You Happy
• Map To My Heart
• Medley
• Merry Christmas
• Michael’s Ballad
• Michael’s Song
• Miles To Go (before I sleep)
• Miracle
• Misled
• My Boyfriend Left Me
• My Everlasting Dream
My Heart Will Go On – Moje srce i dalje ce da kuca
• My Love
• My Precious One
• My room
• Naked
• Nature Boy
Ne partez pas sans moi – Ne odlazi bez mene
• New Dawn
Next Plane Out – Sledecim avionom
• No Living Without Loving You
• Nothing Broken But My Heart
• O Holy Night
• Of Love Or Of Friendship
• On the same boat
• On Traverse Un Miroir
• One Heart
• Ones against the others
• Only A White Bird
• Only One Road
• Over the Rainbow
• Oxygen
• Pagan Prayer
• Prayer
• Pull the Needle
• Rain, Tax (It’s Inevitable)
• Real Emotion
• Refuse To Dance
Reveal – Otkrivamo
• Right In Front Of You
• Right Next To The Right One
River Deep, Mountain High – Reka duboka, planina visoka
• Santa Claus Is Coming Tonight
• Search again
Seduces Me – Zavodi me
• Send Me a Lover
• Set me free
• Shadow Of Love
• She
• Show Some Emotion
• Sing Me
• Skies of L.A.
• Sleep Tight
• So Much Love I Have For You
• Someone I love, Someone who loves me
• Sorry For Love
• Sous Le Vent
• Stand By Your Side
• Sunshine In the Heart
• Superman’s Son
• Surprise Surprise
• Taking Chances
Tell Him – Reci mu
• Tell Me If I Love You
• Ten Days
• Terre
• That’s Just The Woman In Me
• That’s The Way It Is
• The Ballet
• The Birds of Happiness
• The Christmas song
• The Colour Of My Love
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Kad sam te prvi put videla
• The Forgotten Children
• The Greatest Reward
• The Last To Know
• The Little Red Nosed Reindeer
• The Magic of Christmas Day
• The Nun
• The Old Man From Royale Street
• The Paths of My House
The Power of Love – Moc ljubavi
• The Power Of The Dream
• The Prayer
• The Prayer (Solo Version)
• The Reason
• The Reason I Go On
• The Shadow Piano
• The White Roses
• The world is stone
• Then You Look At Me
• There Comes A Time
• These are Special Times
Think Twice – Razmisli dvaput
• This Time
• To Live And To Give
• To Love While Making Love
• To Love You More
• Too Young At Seventeen
• Treat Her Like A Lady
• Twenty Minutes Past 3 Hours
• Unison
• Up Where We Belong
• US
• Visa For the Beautiful Days
• Water From The Moon
• We don’t change
• What A Feeling
• What A Wonderful World
• When I Fall In Love
When I Need You – Kad mi zatrebas
• When The Wrong One Loves You Right
• When We Only Have Love
• Where Does My Heart Beat Now
• Where is The Love
• While waiting his steps
• White Christmas
Why Oh Why – Zasto, oh, zasto?
• With This Tear
• With You
• Woman In Love
• Words Spoken Between The Songs
• Words That Sound
• You and I
• You Are There
• You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)
• You On Your Mountain
• You pass through a mirror
• You Stay With Me
• Your Light
• Ziggy (A Boy Like No Others)
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