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A Thousand Years – Hiljadu godina
• After The Rain Has Fallen
• All Four Seasons
All This Time – Sve ovo vreme
• And Yet
• Another Day
• August Winds
• Ballad of the Great Eastern
• Be Still My Beating Heart
• Big Lie, Small World
• Brand New Day
• Bring On The Night
• Can She Excuse My Wrongs
• Can’t Stand Losing You
• Children’s Crusade
• Clear Or Cloudy
• Come Again
• Come, Heavy Sleep
• Consider Me Gone
• Dead Man’s Boots
• Dead Man’s Rope
• Demolition Man
Desert Rose – Pustinjska ruza
• Don’t Stand So Close To Me
• Down So Long
Driven To Tears – Doveden do suza
• Ellas Danzan Solas (Cueca Solas)
• End Of The Game
Englishman In New York – Englez u Njujorku
• Epilouge (Nothing ‘Bout Me)
Every Breath You Take – Svaki uzdah tvoj
• Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Fields Of Gold – Polja zlata
• Fill Her Up
• Fine Knacks For Ladies
• Flow, My Tears (Lachrimae)
• Forget About The Future
• Fortress Around Your Heart
Fragile – Ranjivi
• Ghost Story
• Have You Seen The Bright Lily Grow
• Heavy Cloud No Rain
• History Will Teach Us Nothing
• I Burn For You
• I Hung My Head
• I Love Her But She Loves Someone Else
I Was Brought To My Senses – Opametio sam se
• I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying
• If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
• If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
• In Darkness Let Me Dwell
• Inside
• Island Of Souls
• It’s Probally Me
• Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
• La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
• Language of Birds
• Lazarus Heart
• Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
• Lithium Sunset
• Little Wing
• Love Is Stronger Than Justice
• Love Is The Seventh Wave
• Low Life
• Lullaby To An Anxious Child
• Mad About You
• Mariposa Libre
Message In A Bottle – Poruka u boci
Moon Over Bourbon Street – Mesec iznad Ulice Burbon
• My Funny Friend And Me
My One and Only Love – Moja jedna i jedina ljubavi
• Never Coming Home
• Next To You
• One World (Not Three)
• Perfect Love Gone Wrong
Practical Arrangement – Prakticni aranzman
• Rock Steady
• Roxanne
• Russians
• Sacred Love
• Saint Augustine In Hell
• Send Your Love
Seven Days – Sedam dana
• Shadows In The Rain
Shape Of My Heart – Oblik mog srca
She’s Too Good For Me – Ona je previse dobra za mene
• Si Estamos Juntos
• Sister Moon
• So to Speak
• Someone To Watch Over Me
• Something The Boy Said
• Spread A Little Happiness
Stolen Car – Ukradena kola
• Straight To My Heart
• Tea In The Sahara
The Book Of My Life – Knjiga o mom zivotu
• The Hounds Of Winter
• The Last Ship
• The Lowest Trees Have Tops
• The Night the Pugilist Learned How to Dance
• The Pirate’s Bride
• The Secret Marriage
The Soul Cages – Kavezi dusa
• The Wild Wild Sea
• They Dance Alone
• This Cowboy Song
• This War
• Tomorrow We’ll See
• Until
• Valparaiso
• Walking On The Moon
• We Work The Black Seam
• We’ll Be Together
• Weep You No More, Sad Fountain
• What Have We Got?
• When The Angels Fall
• When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around
When We Dance – Kada budemo plesali
• Whenever I Say Your Name
Why Should I Cry For You – Zasto da placem za tobom
• Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me
• You Still Touch Me
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