Marija Serifovic


Marija Šerifović,

Eurovision 2007 Winner

born in 1984 in Serbia, had been dreaming of entering the world of music ever since she was a child. Her family has been devoted to music for generations. At the age of 12, Marija made her first public appearance but it was not before the year of 2003 that she released her first solo album, “Naj, najbolja” (“Simply the Best”). The same year, she participated in the Budva Festival with the song “Gorka cokolada” (“Bitter Chocolate”) and in 2004 with the song “Bol do ludila” (“Unbearable pain”) which brought her the first prize. In 2007, she became famous by winning the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki with her song “Molitva”

Molitva – Multi Language Version (Serbian, English, Russian)

serbia-flag Molitva original Serbian lyrics with their English translation

united-kingdom-flag English version of Molitva lyrics and their Serbian translation

finland-flag Molitva ~ Rukoilen- Finnish Lyrics

russia-flag Molitva ~ Молитва – Russian Lyrics

france-flag Molitva – French (translation) Lyrics

germany-flag Molitva – German (translation) Lyrics

greece-flag Molitva – Greek (translation) lyrics

poland-flagMolitva – Polish (translation) Lyrics

Gorka cokolada – Bitter Chocolate
Bez ljubavi – Without Love
Bilo bi ti bolje – You Better
Bol do ludila – Pain Till Craziness
Istinu precuti – Suppress The Truth
Izvini se – Apologise
Ja volim svoj greh – I Love My Sin
Jesen bez nas – An Autumn Without Us
Naj, najbolja – The Best of the Best
Ne ostavljaj traga – Don’t Leave a Trace
Ne volis je znam – You Don’t Love Her I Know
Nek te djavo nosi – To Hell With You
Nisi tu – You’re Not Here
Pametna i luda – Smart And Crazy
Podvala – Hoax
Povredi me – Hurt Me
Ponuda – Offer
Ruzna strana ljubavi – The Ugly Side of Love
Samo tvoja – Only Yours
Sta da zaboravim – What Should I Forget
Sto prvi – One Hundred and First
Trubaci – The Trumpeters
U nedelju – On Sunday
Volim ga – I Love Him
Vreme je da krenem – It’s Time For Me To Go
Znaj da znam – Know That I Know
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