Tanja Savic – Za moje dobro

Pokušala ja sam
da te ne volim
pokušala sve sam
da se promenim

Al se teško menja
to što da ti Bog
ne postoje zveri
srca pitomog

Za moje dobro gazi me
ne daj da život mazi me
za moje dobro muči me
da budem loša uči me

Ako me voliš rani me
i pusti da ti vratim ja
jer samo dobrim čurama
uvek se ružno dešava

Pokušala ja sam
da te ne volim
pokušala sve sam
da se promenim

Mesto suza smehom
da te ugostim
uspela sam samo
da ti oprostim

English Translation

For My Own Good

I have managed
to not love you
I have managed everything
so that I change

But what god gave you
is hard to change
beasts with tame
hearts don’t exist

For my own good stomp on me
don’t let life to cuddle me
for my own good torment me
teach me to be bad

Hurt me if you love me
and let me return the favor (hurt you as well)
because always something ugly happens
to good girls

I have managed
to not love you
I have managed everything
so that I change

To entertain you with laughter
instead of tears
I only managed
to forgive you

6 thoughts on “Tanja Savic – Za moje dobro

  1. Oh. XD sorry about that, I don’t think I am thinking straight this week, there must be something wrong with me lol XD 😀 Sorry about that

  2. You did not get me. I understood what you said the first time.
    But clearly – first you translated it there and then copied it here.

  3. Copying? Oh no I didn’t copy xD I translated this I wouldnt copy 😀 lol I just toke my translation from that website and put it here so it can be here and there 🙂 (my user name mabushii just like here ^_^). Sorry if I have made my first paragraph confusing, I tend to do that xD and thanks ^_^

  4. It is a show on a Serbian TV station which features such music (the music video). That is why i said that.. Grand is a synonym for turbo-folk.. it’s where they breed the trash 😀
    But.. no need to apologise.. and we will leave it since you made the effort to make it (even if it was just copying!) 🙂

  5. Sorry I got this song mixed up with a severina song XD Long story-short XD
    I have an account on lyricstranslate.com and whenever I translate songs on that website I would usually also put the translations here ^_^ Not to long ago someone japanese on that website messaged me to translate all of tajna savic songs to japanese, I tried to but the grammar was a little to hard for me so I translated some of them to english for him. I wasn’t sure if Tajna savic was turbo-folk or not so I asked here XD I also translated Severina’s song on that website too so when I look at my list of translations I must have gotten za moje dobro and a severina song mixed up, I don’t know how I got them mixed up especially since I have also added the video for the song I must have been tired XD So sorry about that, if you would like to you can delete it 🙂 and I didn’t know that the logo on the left corner is sign for turbo-folk, sorry. XD (I don’t listen to Tajna savic just usually Jelena tomasevic, Severina, and a lot of asian pop XD lol) So sorry about all of this. I hope the story ain’t too long XD lol

  6. I don’t know why you entitled this “Severina – Za Moje Dobro”…
    See the sign in the top left corner of the video? It is like a trade mark of turbo folk.
    Besides, this is the recognisable sound.. listen to how she is singing… she is like a bad imitation of Ceca Raznatovic (who btw does have some nice songs from the old days:)

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