Eurovision 2010 Ukraine: Alyosha – To Be Free

Withdrawn Entry – March 22nd 2010

I feel locked up
And I want to get out
But don’t know where to go
I just wanna be free
And do what I please
But where do I go?
To find the place, place
Where I can go
To be free, to be free, yes free

Just like it to be free on every mountain, every sea
I’m gonna find me a place to be free
And I wont, wont, can not do it now
and I have to leave right now
Where can I be happy
But how can that be?
When the world is so sad
I don’t know, why don’t you tell me how
To be free
To be free
To be free
To be free
From drugs and needs

To be free

To be free

Why don’t you help your fellow man
When he’s down
Why don’t you make a friend
when you are down
Maybe this will come
when we love one another
And I hope that your brother
wants to be free, to be free, yes free

Just like it to be free on every mountain, every sea
I’m gonna find me a place to be free
Just like a bird so high in the sky
And so free when he flies
oh let me go wild
He seems to be happy when he’s set free
When the world is so sad
I don’t know why
don’t you tell me how
To be free
from all this misery
To be free
Yeah, you’ll see
To be free
and don’t let it take me
To be free
Take away my misery

Take away my misery

I just wanna be free

Alyosha won the national final in Ukraine with her entry To Be Free in Oslo. There was a tie for the first place between her and Masha Sobko – Ya Tebya Lyublyu so the jury had the final say and decided for Alyosha.

The Ukrainian public didn’t like Vasyl Lasarovych after all… He ended on the seventh position in the tonight’s competition.

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Альоша Євробаченні

18 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Ukraine: Alyosha – To Be Free

  1. This song is one of the best I have ever heard for last years.
    eurovision is for 14 years old kids. This song is too good and serious to be there ….

    her lyrics are true and real. If you think its pity …. yes, you right, but you can not just don’t say about it.

  2. Hello from Tashkent.
    I like this song!
    Alyosha super singer!! She has so powerful and beautiful voice!:-)
    I cannot stop listening to it!!:-)

  3. I don’t like this song and it’s pity because Ukraine every year send a good song but this year I don’t know what happened!!

  4. NTU have concluded that the song “To Be Free” does not meet EBU requirements and asked for extension of the deadline to submit a new song to be sung by Alyosha.

    Now Ukraine has until 26th March 2010 to submit a new song to the EBU!

  5. Seems that the investigation was triggered by a rumor started by Vasyl Lasarovych and the National TV of Ukraine claims they will not make any decisions regarding disqualifying Alyosha unless if the EBU would make such requirement.
    Furthermore, they state that the similarity with the song by Linda Perry and Grace Slick is just a coincidence.

    Read More (Ukrainian news)

    It is still not clear whether Alyosha will be required to change her song considering that “To Be Free” seems to have been released prior to October 31st 2009, i.e. in April 2008 (which violates the EBU rules).

  6. Запорожье за тебя!!!! я в первых рядах!!! обожаю эту певицу!!

  7. Seems that this is not going to be the final Ukraine’s entry for this year because Alyosha has been accused of plagiarism when comparing her song with “Knock Me Out” by Linda Perry and Grace Slick.

  8. This is the best song I’ve heard for months!!! She’s the only winner. Be free, Alyosha! We love you so.

  9. Отправили 2 смски, хотя голосовать не думали вообще!

  10. Впервые я испытываю настоящую гордость за представителя нашей страны на Евровиденье!!! Алеша, ты на самом деле просто замечательно исполняешь песню, с замечательным текстом и глубоким смыслом, с замечательным сюжетом, с замечательным мотивом и что еще не мало важно с замечательным голосом и манерами! Я уверен что мне не будет стыдно, если тебе зададут вопрос! Я уверен что ты сможешь на него ответить красиво и достойно! И почему то я уверен что моя точка зрения не едина, думаю меня поддержит почти вся страна разумных людей. Мы будем болеть за тебя и желаем тебе удачи, ты просто умничка !!!
    (хочу иметь оригинал песни, поделитесь кто может)

  11. Yes! we also voted for her! i think it was fair and she is great! Unusual and strong, beautiful and real! Ukraine is with you!!!!

  12. Она молодец. Красивая песня, сильный вокал, уверенные глаза! Голосовал за неё. Это мое мнение!

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