Ace of Base – Edge of Heaven

Fire! I can see it burning so brightly
Fire! I can see it calling out to me

And as the sun goes down
It starts to paint a picture
Of an ancient town
So far away, across the endless sea

Lead me to the light
And take me to the edge of heaven
I’m standing in the night
Looking for the edge of heaven
We’ll be touching the edge of heaven

Close your eyes see dreams of tomorrow
The wheels are turning ’till eternity

And as the darkness comes
I start to see a picture
Of a lonely man
So clearly now reaching out for me

Lead me to the light…

And sail the endless sea
So lead me to the light
And take me to the edge of heaven

The edge of heaven is near
We’ll sail the endless sea

Prevod na srpski

Kraj raja

Vatra! Vidim gori jako
Vatra! Vidim zove me

I dok sunce zalazi
Počinje da crta sliku
jednog starog grada
Jako daleko, preko beskrajnoga mora

Vodi me prema svetlu
I vodi me na kraj raja
Stojim u noći
Tražim kraj raja
Mi ćemo dotaći kraj raja

Zatvori oči i vidi snove o sutrašnjici
Točkovi vremena se okreću do večnosti

I dok mrak pada
Počinjem da vidim sliku
Usamljenog čoveka
Tako jasno, sada u potrazi za mnom

Vodi me ka svetlu…

I jedri po beskrajnom moru
Tako da vodi me ka svetlu
I vodi me na kraj raja

Kraj raja je blizu
Jedrićemo beskrajnim morem

6 thoughts on “Ace of Base – Edge of Heaven

  1. She is kinda confusing…
    sun goes down
    darkness comes
    So lead me to the light (sounds like beginning)
    And take me to the edge of heaven

    But.. perhaps we should simply stick to IVICA (edge) 🙂

  2. xD I do that sometimes (mixing british and american). Anyway back to song lol When you put the meaning of edge that way then I am not sure if it would mean beginning or the ending 😆 . But to tell you the truth I have never heard the edge as the beginning of something but when you think about it, it could probably also mean a beginning. Well I’m not sure about the song’s meaning xD What do you think?

  3. Never mind.. I just thought you should know lol
    It was one Serbo-Croat language that I was also taught in primary school anyway.. But I suppose mixing it is like when we mix Br and AmE and don’t even notice (do I? )

    I forgot another thing about this song.. I’m not sure the edge is the end, perhaps it’s the beginning?

  4. Oh really!? Sorry I didn’t know. I think the reason is because my mom and dad are born in Croatia (but are Serbian) so we mix sometimes croatian words in serbian sentences 😆 For example: we use mrkva, riža, zrak. ^_^ But we don’t use a lot of croatian words only some (mostly food) xD 🙂

  5. I see that Croatian music (and/or) something else is influencing you as you are starting to mix it into your translations..
    e.g. Kotač is a Croatian word for Serbian točak (wheel)

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