Dima Gossip – Drug Addict, Gay, Cheat…

Seems that Dima’s troubles started when he got selected to represent Russia at Eurovision. There were claims that the choice was not the choice of Russian people and that the national selection was a farce.

This was “backed up” with the alleged fraud that supposedly happened because people were mostly not even allowed to vote i.e. that, when they tried, they’d get a message back “Your vote can”t be accepted” or there was “The wrong number” answer if they called to submit their vote. These allegations go further with claims that the internet voting link was incorrectly given to the public…

We can (only) assume that the above came mostly from minds of those who saw this video and concluded that he has a drug problem:

Personally, I think it’s funny!

Then there is the other story… Russian media speculating on the subject: is he gay or has he just adopted “that kind of image” due to marketing reasons? There is a third explanation as well, according to which the thing is clear considering that Saša Tićanko is in charge of his marketing and he made the girl band Tatu famous by “turning them into” fake lesbians!

Dima Bilan Elena Kulecka

If it’s true, better for the Russian model Elena Kulecka considering that in that case she is just a fake girlfriend and therefore, probably not too upset with the gossip that came from Belgrade hotel “Hyatt”where he was staying during Eurovision. Supposedly, Dima didn’t waste his time making long phone calls to her and she had read in newspapers that he was cheating on her so she suddenly decided to come to Belgrade for the Final.

Two years ago, at the time when he released his album “Time-River”, Dima recorded a music video with Elena for his song “Eto bila ljubov” (“It was love”). The erotic scenes that caused arguments on Russian conservative scene was proven to be a big success and Dima became even more popular with an army of female fans. After that, he continued with the same image and made a set of photographs on a very edge of pornography.

Whether he is hiding his true sexuality or not, one thing is for sure – Dima has gays’ and girls’ attention!

9 thoughts on “Dima Gossip – Drug Addict, Gay, Cheat…

  1. dima bilan so talented but i thibk he donno how to dance cuz on his clips he just stand and sing i saw one of his clips his dance was oh i camn’t talk about it but his songs are os cool his voice is sooooooooo cool. i thinks he is the best thn the all russion singers

  2. I don’t think Dima is a gay. Even if he is, I don’t mind. What is important for me is his talent. He is one of the best singers in the world. He deserved being the winner of ESC 2006, however he couln’t become the winner. He tried once again he has got it. If he represents Russia in ESC in another year, he will probably win it again and again. It’s just because of his fans and talent. By the way he knows how to use Russian Culture in hs shows. His shows are simple but effective.


  4. to barmic.
    I don’t think so. There were no rumours about his sexual orientation during the competition. I think that the reasons are obvious. Dima was a bit around in Europe after his entry of two years ago and accompanied by the champion of the Olimpic games and the Stradivarius’ violin.
    As for his homosexual orientation I heard many Dima’s interviews in which he denied these talks.

  5. well if hes gay or not i dont mind. but i think that this ” unfair decision ” made russia win. what do you think now russians?

  6. Just words…thats all…i dont think that he has drug problems, in that video, he looks more like drunk, but i bet that he is just kidding around…Now, is he gay? probably not, maybe Russia`s media has found a way to get their singers to succeed (for example tatu, lesbian girls, that sell…Smash, queer guys…sell too)

    It sounds like a mean comment, but i cant found other reason than that one…

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