Let’s Choose Mister Eurovision 2008!

Boaz Mauda – Israel

Boaz Mauda

Boaz Israel
Dima Bilan – Russia

Dima Bilan

Dima Russia
Jeronimas Milius – Lithuania

Jeronimas Milius

Jeronimas Lithuania
Paolo Meneguzzi – Switzerland

Paolo Meneguzzi

Paolo Switzerland
Ruslan Alehno – Belarus

Ruslan Alehno

Ruslan Belarus
Simon Mathew – Denmark

Simon Mathew

Simon Denmark
Stefan Filipovic – Montenegro

Stefan Filipovic

Stefan Montenegro
Vlad Mirita – Romania

Vlad Mirita

Vlad Romania
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16 thoughts on “Let’s Choose Mister Eurovision 2008!

  1. Paolo Meneguzzi is adorable like an angel not to mention how incredibly bello he is! I’m defintly part of his enormous fan club! I have all his albums, both italian and spanish! He is just an amazing artist!

    I also think Boaz Mauda is such a hottie, omg! =)
    I loved his song also, beautiful voice. Would love to hear more of his music even if I don’t understand anything.

    I really liked the Romanian guy also, I think the song would have been better without the woman in it because their styles were very different allthough the song was beautiful!

    Dima’s charm is obvious but he is not my type. I can see why a lot of girls adore him though. =)

  2. To be honest he is equally as far from being “hot” as Jarkko! The reason why I put him in the poll is that I managed to find one decent photo of him which I can not say for the Finnish screamer

  3. For me the hotest eurovision 2008 singer is Jarkko Ahola.. 🙂 He is “all the money”!! (Face, Body, Voice and of course everything on him!!) He is 100% HOT 🙂

    Why i can’t vote him?? Why? 🙁

  4. Nicola Della Valle, the singer from San Marino, should be in this contest.
    He’s the handsomest guy in the world!!♥♥♥

  5. oh believe me it wasn’t easy finding a decent pic of Jeronimas either! lol
    Common examples:

    Jeronimas Milius Jeronimas Lithuania

    but when I found the one I put in the poll, I was like – oh okay 😆

    And about Terry… well.. I don’t have BBC but a friend of mine was “broadcasting” his “tremendous disappointment” to me ❗ lol

  6. Are you bulling our poor little Andy!!! For shame :p You can have no comprehension how upset Wogan is with you lot out east 🙂
    Boaz makes me giggle like a little girl. I don’t know why, he just does. As does Stefan Filipovic, who just looks so sweet. Jeronimas Milius didn’t do much for me on the night, but that picture is more flattering. If all the men in Belarus look like either that Koldun fella or this Ruslan, then it is a very underrated country.

    I liked the Turkish guys. And Laka. Ahem.

  7. 🙂
    Well you know there are some general features that can distinquish people from one part of the world from the other. So, in general yes. They ought to be (in general) similar to Russians and also – big and tall 😀
    Most of all, I find it hard to fit Stefan’s sort of baby face into the general description.

  8. Simon Mathew. I just didn’t like him though I found his song one of the best.
    Stefan Filipovic. What do you mean `a decend Montenegrin`, do the people from this country look unlike to any other ones?

  9. While I was making this poll, I was thinking… hm.. Sergej will surely criticize me like last time… But this time I didn’t forget anyone.
    Iceland? I was gonna put Friðrik Ómar but his pictures freaked me out so I gave up on him

    Pirates of the sea? Well, maybe if they didn’t forget to bring Peter Pan, I’d put him
    Finlad? Terasbetoni 😮

    Boaz? Sorry but girls are seriously crazy about him! Same goes for Dima. hot And, for the record, it was really not easy to find a decent picture of him on which he is not either naked, half naked or taking his pants off!
    Switzerland? Paolo has an enormous fan club and he is in every way beyond Eurovision so… no further comments needed.
    Ruslan is sort of yuk…
    Simon Mathew… What do you mean faint? I think his outfit and performance were quite cool and he is sort of cute.
    Though, male part of Romanian entry is definitely more my type 😛
    Stefan Filipovic is well yeah.. doesn’t even look like a decent Montenegrin.
    Aw and about the sexy GB guy… England simply doesn’t have luck with this year’s ESC! haha
    I also tried to find a cool picture of him but his mouth is either wide open or.. Andy Abraham well, in short – he is too old for my ESC Mister!

  10. Israel – are you kidding? He looks like a seller from the fruit outdoor market. I think that many participants were more handsome but weren’t included to this list (Iceland, Latvia, Finland).
    Russia – no comments about my country because I do not like Bilan’s appearance.
    Lithuania – not bad.
    Switzerland – to be honest I do not remember him at all.
    Belarus – the clon of Dima Koldun. But go go our neighbour!!!
    Denmark – he was too faint on stage.
    Montenegro – he resembled me a young rabbit but I have nothing against him.
    Romania – good looking.
    But where is the sexy boy from the GB? Don’t steal from England it’s next last place!!! 🙂

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