Eurovision 2008 Televoting Results

Here is Eurovision 2008 Final Score Sheet.More or less, comments about this Eurovision Song Contest concentrate on alleged (or, shall we say – apparent) political voting from Eastern bloc and Nordic countries. Seems that Britain didn’t handle another loss of votes too well and is even considering opting out of the competition. Due to too little neighboring countries? On the other hand, Eurovision officials claim that there is no such thing as political voting and that Russia would have won even if it didn’t get any votes from its neighbors. Well, hardly! But let’s analyze the scores:

Country with the biggest number of 12 points is Armenia. It received the highest score from: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Greece, Netherlands, Poland and Russia.

Russia got 12 points 7 times; from: Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

Greece, 6 times; from: Albania, Cyprus, Germany, Romania, San Marino, United Kingdom.

Serbia, 4 times, from: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Azerbaijan received 12 points from Hungary and Turkey, Bosnia from Serbia and Croatia, Denmark from Iceland and Norway, Norway from Finland and Sweden, and Romania from Moldova and Spain.

The following countries received the highest score one time: Albania (from Macedonia), Germany (from Bulgaria), Iceland (from Denmark), Latvia (from Ireland), Spain (from Andorra), Sweden (from Malta), Turkey (from Azerbaijan) and Ukraine from Portugal.

Six of Russia’s sets of 12 points came from former USSR countries and the seventh country that awarded Dima with 12 points is Israel, a country with strong Russian diaspora. Six Western European countries are the only ones that did not give any points to Russia: Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden and San Marino. The Netherlands and France awarded only one point to Dima and Belgium also gave Russia only 3 points.

But let’s not pick on Russia… Same thing happened with other countries.. We can only mention the famous example of Greece and Cyprus as well as Serbia and Croatia who gave 12 points to Bosnia and Bosnia, of course returned the favor.

16 thoughts on “Eurovision 2008 Televoting Results

  1. You forgot to write that Norway gave to Denmark and Icland and Norway got from Swedena nd Findland,were you wrote: But let’s not pick on Russia…
    Cus if you have notice Norway.Sweden,Findland,icland & Denmark is called Nordic/Scandenavia and that was a bit cheating 🙂 hahaha.

  2. Too bad that when every country gives his point’s to their neightbours, Poland as always scored 0 from their neightbours, an the only points were from Polish which went to UK & Ireland to find a job :/

    Ok, ok, I know that Isis Gee wasn’t too good (we’ve got much better singers in eliminations but “somehow” Isis got a max score both from jury and tele-voters) but as everyone can see the 2-semifinals-rule didn’t work in final. Maybe it would be good to add a rule that you can’t vote at 5 countries that have got most points from this country and v.v.?

  3. Kalomoira for example…was the classic type of the “young-girl-dancing”…I didn’t like the song that much…I prefer bosnia…hmm…what was Cyprus thinking of that night…hihihi:lol: yup…politics..:p

  4. umm…hi.I can’t say that I would ever vote Dima Bilan’s song…ok,It was a nice song for the eurovision standars,but I think that the violinist and the famous ice-skating-guy or something,were the ones who made the difference….and of course Russia still has a lot of “friends”,and “neighbours”,so…:-p well…I liked Finland’s song anyway and I still think that it should been voted but…it seems that it wasn’t a good song for eurovision…I don’t know…the song was a reeealy wonderfull hard rock song,but meaby it was not what eurovision fans wanted…you know…the glamourous “pop idol”…a beautifull young girl that dances,or a young guy that sings to the girls “oh I love you (and bla blah…)” with a gay style…(that’s my opinion…ok,I’m a metalhead,I must say again…:-p)…

  5. It’s really strange that the song on the second place received 12 points only 1 time and Icelanders didn’t give 12 points to their forefathers Norwegians.
    I was also surprised that 12 points from Germany weren’t received by Turkey. I was about to bet that it would come as usual.
    Russia followed the “block voting” rules during the voting. I think that if Belarus took part in the final 12 points would go to it.

  6. I have never said anything bad against Dima….his song never let you go from 2006 was definately a worthy winner that year.

  7. hi ,, i wanted to tell u that dima is famous around the world ,,
    see iam from syria ,, and i listen and download all dima bilan songs since he made “never let you go ” so pleas stop saying bad words about him and say that the vote was cheated ,, dima is the best of the best and he deserv it

    also i wanted to ask why some dima haters keep making bruit that dima is a gay ! damn this is not right ! stop it jealous

  8. Yea….maybe some didn’t vote or had another favourite. Well I think maybe BWO would have had the best chance from the ones in Melodifestivalen this year, cause they are a bit famous in other countries too I think. And I think maybe both the east and west could have voted for it….don’t know….Maybe Sanna Nielsen’s ballad or something could have succeeded too, seeing as Norway’s ballad did.

  9. to Jonti_swe. We’re quits then. Anyway I am surprised because mostly the Russians like Swedish pop music.

  10. Yea Sergej, but you gave us 0 points too 😛
    and yea I agree about the UK, their song was not strong enough, it was quite boring, nothing special. So they should not complain too much about their results.

  11. I was also surprised with 6 points from Albania.
    Anyway Russia didn’t need them at all.
    But much more I was surprised with 12 points from all the Baltic countries. I counted only on the 12 points from Estonia cause many russians live in this country.
    Sweden let me down. Charlotte was my favourite but her country gave 0 points. 🙁
    After the ESC there were many articles in russian newspapers which were taken from the english ones that were offended for Russia and prejudiced Bilan’s victory cause of the voting block and fear of some countries of Russia. I understand that England was disappointed with the last place but what was it waiting for sending to the contest the ex trashman with a boring song?! 🙂

  12. Yea, they should 😛

    Haha I don’t know if they did something wrong but….it was definately surprising 😛 Well the are people who control that they give the votes correctly too. Well, either the albanians voted for the songs that they really LIKED or they did something wrong while calculating….but if they would have voted only politically I surely doubt that they would have given those points lol. Well, I have seen some Albanians and Serbians on youtube that write that they like each others songs too, but not that many though. Olta also said in a press conference “I hope there will be better relations between Serbia and Albania in the future” or something like that, so maybe some of them actually think like that. If it would have been Kosovo I doubt those points would have been given though! 😛

    and yea I suppose your 10 points to Russia have to do a lot with politics too, since they have been your allied for a long time. 😆
    Yea, 1 is better than zero 😛 and well, I like Israel and Portugal too especially Israel so they were high on the list for me too!

  13. Nice idea Jonti! They should split as well! 😆
    And yeah Albania must have got something wrong when calculating the votes! Serbia doesn’t seem to have made that mistake! And… of course we gave 10 points to Russia.. pure politics if you ask me! 😆
    I suppose a lot of people here honestly liked the silly Bosnian song so.. I believe those 12 points absolutely happened as a result of “cultural” similarities 😆
    Once again – my votes (and opinion about the songs) had nothing to do with any political anything.. Unless there is some connection with Portugal and Israel that I don’t know of! haha
    Good that there were other people who thought the same so we gave nice 7 points to Israel. Only one to Portugal though but that is better than zero I guess 😀

  14. Well, when it comes to Britain I think they once again didn’t have a strong entry enough, especially with so many other strong entries. Maybe they could try participating as different countries though, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, then they’ll have some neighbour countries 😛

    I do still think many neighbour votes have a lot to do with that countries close to each other culturally also have a quite similar music taste usually, but well in some cases, like Cyprus/Greece who ALWAYS give their 12 points to each other, it cannot possibly be so that they ALWAYS like each others’ entries the most, so that probably has something political behind.

    One thing that surprised me was that Albania gave 5
    points to Serbia and 6 points to Russia O_O haha 😛 I suppose they want to put the old conflicts behind them.

    Well, back on topic, another maybe even bigger problem is the diaspora voting. Immigrants from the Balkans, from Turkey, Armenia, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and so on in different countries probably usually vote for their home countries. It should not be enough though if the non-immigrant people also voted, at least not to give the song the highest points, so I think there are other people that might vote for these countries’ songs too. but the diaspora is definately a big part of it too.

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