Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Dustin the Turkey Despite some bad reactions, Ireland is sending Dustin the Turkey to Eurovision Song Contest.

The national final held tonight (23rd February) has decided that the song Irlande Douze Pointe will represent Ireland in Serbia.

Dustin is a popular Irish television puppet. Read more

The fact that a character from an Irish children’s TV program has been chosen to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest, produced mixed reactions. One side believing that exactly the fact that he is a turkey should help Ireland win the contest and the other with comments like “The state broadcaster that selected the six acts is giving two fingers to Irish songwriters…. it is absolutely disgraceful” and “How any bunch of grown-ups could come up with this as a solution?”

Click here to see full lyrics for Dustin The Turkey – Irlande douze points

4 thoughts on “Dustin the Turkey to represent Ireland at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

  1. Such songs have nothing to do with what Eurovision used to be about at the time when Johnny Logan was winning the contest… but I agree.. it’s quite possible it will rank really high!

  2. hehe, ukraine finished second with a “joke song” last year….so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it finished quite high. it is a funny song if you like that kind of songs, but myself I’m not a too big fan of them though. but getting a good laugh is something good too of course.

  3. It is funny to be sure but I even can`t emagine that the puppet is competitive in the fight for the highest places amongst the human participants.

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