Magazin – Slatko, ljuto, kiselo

Ne rode u sto godina
oči na koje padam ja
na koje nakači se sva nevolja
iz tvojih ruku prognana
od tvojih usta izdana
morat ću tako dalje sva ranjena

Sada pogledaj me, znam te
sad smo sami ja i Dante
i ova komedija što smo bili mi

Bilo je to slatko, ljuto, kiselo
što se s tobom desilo
s tobom desilo
bilo je to vrijeme kad se voljelo
al’ od svega malo je
malo, malo ostalo

Zašto ustvari ideš ti
kad smo se lijepo smjestili
u ovo malo par kvadrata ljubavi
radiš li to iz objesti
il’ misliš svijet će propasti
ako se sa mnom previše vežeš ti

Album_Magazin - Paaa

English Translation

Sweet, Spicy, Sour

The kind of men that I fall for
are not born in a hundred years
which attracts all of the trouble
from your banished hands
from your betrayed lips
I’ll have to go on further, wounded

Now look at me, I know you
now me and Dante are alone
and this comedy that we used be

What happened with you
happened with you
was sweet, spicy and sour
that was the time when we loved each other
but from all of that, a small amount,
small, small amount has remained

Why are you actually leaving
when we nicely settled
in these few square pieces of love
are you doing this on purpose
or do you think that the world is going to fall apart
if you tie yourself to me too much

2 thoughts on “Magazin – Slatko, ljuto, kiselo

  1. The eyes in the first line are not hers. “Padati” in “oči na koje padam ja” means the same as
    fall for
    1. To feel love for; be in love with.
    2. To be deceived or swindled by: fell for the con artist’s scheme and lost $200,000.

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