ESC 2009 Hungary: Kátya Tompos – Withdrawn

Magányos csónak

Semmi ágán, egyedül némán
Lent a föld, fent az ég
Menni kéne, mozdulni végre
De visszatart valami még

Magányos csónak a tengeren
Túl fog élni ezer vihart
Mert egyre hívja a végtelen
Messze még a túlsó part

Hosszú az út, az éjen át
Talán a hold vezet tovább
Repít hozzád

Magányos csónak a tengeren
A szél sodorja, de megy tovább
Az út végén majd megpihen
Hívogat egy új világ

English Translation
Magányos csónak

English Translation
Lonely Boat

On the branch of nothingness, alone without words
Down there the ground, up there the sky
I should leave, make a move finally
But something still makes me stay

Lonely boat in the sea
It will survive a thousand storms
‘Cause the infinity keeps calling for it
But the other bank is still too far

The road is long through the night
Maybe the moon will lead me
Flying me to you

Lonely boat in the sea
The wind whirls round it, but it keeps on going
At the end of the road, it will get rest
But a new world keeps calling

6 thoughts on “ESC 2009 Hungary: Kátya Tompos – Withdrawn

  1. This song will definately end up in my iPod! Love the language, love her voice, love the song. <3

  2. I checked up another video of this song though, and well yea another ballad, a decent ballad to me. Maybe she should have made some part “stick out” a bit more or something, if you know what I mean..but yea it”s a quite nice ballad.

  3. I can’t see this video either. It’s saying that this is a private video clip or something like that lol

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