Eurovision 2009 Slovenia: Quartissimo – Love Symphony

Lyrics and Video:

Imagine you and me
We’re flying above the sea
Feeling free in this love symphony

Imagine you and me
We’re flying above the sea
Feeling free in this love symphony

Out of time, out of place
Somewhere inside my universe
Where you live your dreams

Imagine you and me
We’re flying above the sea
Feeling free eternally
Like in this love symphony

9 thoughts on “Eurovision 2009 Slovenia: Quartissimo – Love Symphony

  1. The song is great, but i think it lacks some more lyrics. And Martina should have appeared in the beginning of the performance. They should have changed their show a bit.

  2. i dont really like this song . I dont like the violines playing so long and she singing just a lil bit. Slovenian people vote for this song but the committe gave 12 points to love symphony and we didnt agree but how ever we hope that next year we`ll be better 🙂

  3. I think this was the one of the best songs in 2009. You don’t always have to say much, music can talk for itself! It is a shame that Slovenia didn’t make it to the final but, to tell the truth, this might not have been the best song for the European Song Contest.

    By the way, isn’t it strange how popular the violin music was in the contest this year?

  4. Yes it’s going going … but not getting anywhere which is a pure shame cause it seems to be on a good path lol
    And I also don’t like the (symphon)yyy scream in the end

  5. Yeah, THIS is exactly the kind of song that is like a big intro from the beginning to the end. Don’t you think so too?

  6. Hmm..the music is nice, they’re playing it well..BUT. It feels like it’s almost the same melody throughout the whole song? And it’s by far more music than takes a long time before she actually starts too sing.
    And the lyrics are even shorter than the albanian song last year which I though had quite few lyrics (seeing as she sang the same text twice)..and this singer sings the same things most of the song too, except like three or four rows!
    I don’t really think the amount lyrics matters that much, I liked the albanian one last year, but I just wanted to point that out.
    It’s a very special song and I’m not sure what to think of it, but I think it’s a little bit too much the same throughout the whole song and a little bit too little song in this one. Hard to say how it will do too.

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