Aesthetic Perfection – Fvck Indvstrial Ft. Combichrist & X-Rx

You like this track?
Well it says a lot about you.

Fvck your ego.
Fvck your scenes.
Fvck your fashion.
Fvck your lies.
Fvck your trends.
Fvck your styles.
Fvck your music.

Album_Aesthetic Perfection - Big Bad Wolf

Prevod pesme

Jbš sve industrijsko

Sviđa ti se ova pesma?
E, pa to puno govori o tebi.

Jbš tvoj ego.
Jbš tvoje scene.
Jbš tvoju modu.
Jbš tvoje laži.
Jbš tvoje trendove.
Jbš tvoje stilove.
Jbš tvoju muziku.
Jbš sve industrijsko!

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