Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil


Dance With The Devil

I once knew a nigga whose real name was William
His primary concern was making a million
Being the illest hustler that the world ever seen
He used to fuck movie stars and sniff coke in his dreams
A corrupted young mind at the age of thirteen
Nigga never had a father and his mom was a fiend
She put the pipe down, but for every year she was sober
Her son’s heart simultaneously grew colder
He started hanging out selling bags in the projects
Checking the young chicks, looking for hit and run prospects
He was fascinated by material objects
But he understood money never bought respect
He built a reputation cause he could hustle and steal
But got locked once and didn’t hesitate to squeal
So criminals he chilled with didn’t think he was real
You see, me and niggas like this have never been equal
I don’t project my insecurities in other people
He fiended for props like addicts with pipes and needles
So he felt he had to prove to everyone he was evil
A feeble-minded young man with infinite potential
The product of a ghetto-bred capitalistic mental
Coincidentally dropped out of school to sell weed
Dancing with the devil, smoked until his eyes would bleed
But he was sick of selling trees and gave in to his greed

Everyone trying to be Trife never face the consequences
You probably only did a month for minor offenses
Ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance
But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance
Dance forever with the devil on a cold cell block
But that’s what happens when you rape, murder and sell rock
Devils used to be God’s angels that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot

So Billy started robbing niggas, anything he could do
To get his respect back in the eyes of his crew
Starting fights over little shit up on the block
Stepped up to selling mothers and brothers the crack rock
Working overtime for making money for the crack spot
Hit the jackpot and wanted to move up to cocaine
Fulfilling the Scarface fantasy stuck in his brain
Tired of the block niggas treating him the same
He wanted to be major like the cut throats and the thugs
But when he tried to step to ’em, niggas showed him no love
They told him any motherfucking coward can sell drugs
Any bitch nigga with a gun can bust slugs
Any nigga with a red shirt can front like a blood
Even Puffy smoked the motherfucker up in a club
But only a real thug can stab someone ’til they die
Standing in front of them, staring straight into their eyes
Billy realized that these men were well guarded
And they wanted to test him before business started
Suggested raping a bitch to prove he was cold hearted
So now he had a choice between going back to his life
Or making money with made men, up in the cife
His dreams about cars and ice made him agree
A hardcore nigga is all he ever wanted to be
And so he met them Friday night at a quarter to three

Everyone trying to be trife never face the consequences
You probably only did a month for minor offenses
Ask a nigga doing life if he had another chance
But then again there’s always the wicked that knew in advance
Dance forever with the devil on a cold cell block
But that’s what happens when you rape, murder and sell rock
Devils used to be God’s angels that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot

They drove around the projects slow while it was raining
Smoking blunts, drinking and joking for entertainment
Until they saw a woman on the street walking alone
Three in the morning, coming back from work, on her way home
And so they quietly got out the car and followed her
Walking through the projects, the darkness swallowed her
They wrapped her shirt around her head and knocked her onto the floor
“This is it, kid, now you got your chance to be raw”
So Billy yoked her up and grabbed the chick by the hair
And dragged her into a lobby that had nobody there
She struggled hard, but they forced her to go up the stairs
They got to the roof and then held her down on the ground
Screaming “Shut the fuck up and stop moving around”
The shirt covered her face, but she screamed and clawed
So Billy stomped on the bitch until he had broken her jaw
The dirty bastards knew exactly what they were doing
They kicked her until they cracked her ribs and she stopped moving
Blood leaking through the cloth, she cried silently
And then they all proceeded to rape her violently
Billy was made to go first, but each of them took a turn
Ripping her up and choking her until her throat burned
Her broken jaw mumbled for God, but they weren’t concerned
When they were done and she was lying bloody, broken and bruised
One of them niggas pulled out a brand new twenty-two
They told him that she was a witness of what she’d gone through
And if he killed her, he was guaranteed a spot in the crew
He thought about it for a minute, she was practically dead
And so he leaned over and put the gun right to her head

I’m falling and I can’t turn back
I’m falling and I can’t turn back

Right before he pulled the trigger and ended her life
He thought about the cocaine with the platinum and ice
And he felt strong standing along with his new brothers
Cocked the gat to her head and pulled back the shirt cover
But what he saw made him start to cringe and stutter
Cause he was staring into the eyes of his own mother
She looked back at him and cried, cause he had forsaken her
She cried more painfully than when they were raping her
His whole world stopped, he couldn’t even contemplate
His corruption had successfully changed his fate
And he remembered how his mom used to come home late
Working hard for nothing, cause now what was he worth?
He turned away from the woman that had once given him birth
And crying out to the sky cause he was lonely and scared
But only the devil responded, cause God wasn’t there
And right then, he knew what it was to be empty and cold
And so he jumped off the roof and died with no soul
They say death takes you to a better place, but I doubt it
After that, they killed his mother, and never spoke about it
And listen, cause the story that I’m telling is true
Cuz I was there with Billy Jacobs, and I raped his mom, too
And now the devil follows me everywhere that I go
In fact, I’m sure he’s standing among one of you at my shows
And every street cypher listening to little thugs flow
He could be standing right next to you, and you wouldn’t know
The devil grows inside the hearts of the selfish and wicked
White, brown, yellow and black; color is not restricted
You have a self destructive destiny when you’re inflicted
And you’ll be one of God’s children that fell from the top
There’s no diversity because we’re burning in the melting pot
So when the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never
Because the dance with the devil might last you forever

Oh y’all motherfuckers thought it was over, huh? Well it’s not
You didn’t count on a fallen angel getting back into the grace of god and coming after you
Ya’ll niggas ain’t shit
Your producers ain’t shit. Your fuckin’ A & R ain’t shit
I’ll fuckin’ wipe my ass with your demo deal
Yo, Diabolic, take this motherfucker’s head off!

Go ‘head and grip Glocks
I’ll snap your trigger finger in six spots
You’ll have to lip lock with hypodermic needles to lick shots
I’ll watch you topple flat
Put away your rings and holla back
Can’t freestyle, you’re screwed off the top like bottle caps
Beneath the surface
I’m overheatin’ your receiving circuits by unleashin’ deeper verses than priests speak in churches
What you preach is worthless
Your worship defeat the purpose
Like President Bush takin’ bullets for the secret service
Beyond what y’all fathom
I shit on cats and jaw tap ‘em
Show no compassion like havin’ a straight-faced orgasm
Tour jack ‘em
Have his half-a-ten bitch suck my friend’s dick
In the mean time, you can french kiss this clenched fist
A one-man brigade spreading cancer plague
Fist fuckin’ a pussy’s face
Holdin’ a hand grenade
So if I catch you bluffin’
Faggot, you’re less than nothin’
I just had to get that stress off my chest like breast reduction

You motherfuckers are nothing, you cannot harm me
I’ll resurrect every aborted baby and start an army
Storm the planet huntin’ you down, ‘cause I’m on a mission
To split your body into a billion one-celled organisms
Immortal Technique’ll destroy your religion, you stupid bitch
You’re faker than blue-eyed crackers nailed to a crucifix
I’m ’bout to blow up like NASA Challenger computer chips
Arsenic language transmitted revolutionarily
I’m like time itself, I’m gonna kill you inevitably
Chemically bomb you, fuck usin’ a chrome piece
I’m illmatic, you won’t make it home like Jerome’s niece
I’ll sever your head diagonally for thinkin’ of dissin’ me
And then use your dead body to write my name in calligraphy
This puppet democracy brain-washed your psychology
So you’re nothing, like diversity without equality
And your crew is full of more faggots than Greek mythology
Usin’ numerology to count the people I sent to Heaven
Produces more digits than 22 divided by 7
You’re like Kevin Spacey, your style is usually suspect
You never killed a cop, you not a motherfuckin’ thug yet
Your mind is empty and spacious
Like the part of the brain that appreciates culture and erases
Face it, you’re too basic
You’re never gonna make it
Like children walking through Antarctica, butt naked

Prevod na srpski

Ples sa đavolom

Nekad sam znao jednog crnju koji se zvao Vilijam
Njegova glavna preokupacija je bila kako da dođe do miliona
Bio je najluđi muljator ikad viđen
Jbao je filmske zvezde i šmrkao koku i u snu
Mlad mozak korumpiran u trinaestoj
Nije imao oca, a mama mu je bila narkomanka
Ostavila je lulu ali svake godine njene treznoće
Srce njenog sina postajalo je hladnije
Počeo je da izlazi i prodaje vrećice socijali
Odmeravao piletinu, tražeći neku da je zvekne pa pobegne
Fascinirale su ga materijalne stvari
Ali razumeo je da novac poštenje ne kupuje
Izgradio je reputaciju jer mu je išlo muljanje i krađa
Ali jednom je završio u zatvoru i nije se libio da cinkari
Pa ga tako pajtosi kriminalci više nisu prihvatali
Vidite, ja i takve crnje nikad nismo bili isti
Ja ne lečim svoje komplekse na drugima
Čeznuo je za podrškom kao narkomani za lulama i iglama
Pa je smatrao da mora svima da pokaže da je zao
Slaboumni mladi čovek sa beskrajnim potencijalom
Proizvod kapitalističkog ludila uzgojen u getou
Slučajno napustio školu da bi prodavao travu
Plešući sa đavolom, pušio je dok mu oči ne prokrvare
Ali dojadilo mu je da prodaje granje te se prepustio svojoj pohlepi

Svi koji pokušavaju da budu kao Trajf, nikad se ne suoče sa posledicama
Verovatno si odležao samo mesec zbog  manjeg prekršaja
Pitaj onog što služi doživotnu da li je imao drugu priliku
Ali, kad bolje razmislim, opasni tipovi uvek unapred znaju
Zauvek plešu sa đavolom u hladnom bloku ćelija
Ali tako to biva kad siluješ, ubijaš i prodaješ krek
Đavoli su nekad bili božji anđeli ali su pali s visina
Nema raznolikosti jer gorimo u kotlu pretapanja

I tako je Bili počeo da pljačka crnce, činio je sve što može
Da ponovo pridobije poverenje svoje ekipe
Započinjao kavge zbog glupih sitnica u bloku
Proširio biznis prodajući majkama i braći krek
Radio prekovremeno da zaradi za krek kuću
Osvojio džek pot i hteo da pređe na kokain
Da ispuni Skarfejs fantaziju koja mu se vrzmala po glavi
Dojadilo mu da ga crnje iz bloka tretiraju isto
Hteo je da bude glavni kao oni što gaze po leševima
Ali kad je pokušao da im se približi, crnje mu nisu pružile ni zrno ljubavi
Rekli su mu da svaki jbni kukavica može da prodaje drogu
Svaka pčka sa pištoljem može da puca
Svaki crnja sa crvenom majicom može da se predstavlja kao brat
Čak je i Pafi razneo onog drkadžiju u klubu
Ali samo pravi tag može bosti nekog dok ga ne ubije
Stojeći pred njima, gledajući ih pravo u oči
Bili je shvatio da su ti ljudi dobro čuvani
I da su hteli da ga testiraju pre neko što pređu na biznis
Predložiše da siluje neku kučku da dokaže da je hladnokrvan
Tako da je imao izbor: da se vrati starom životu
Ili da zarađuje sa mafijašima u getu
Njegovi snovi o automobilima i ledu su ga ubedili
Sve što je ikada želeo je da bude opaki crnja
I tako se našao s njima u petak uveče u 15 do 3

Svi koji pokušavaju da budu kao Trajf, nikad se ne suoče sa posledicama
Verovatno si odležao samo mesec zbog  manjeg prekršaja
Pitaj onog što služi doživotnu da li je imao drugu priliku
Ali, kad bolje razmislim, opasni tipovi uvek unapred znaju
Zauvek plešu sa đavolom u hladnom bloku ćelija
Ali tako to biva kad siluješ, ubijaš i prodaješ krek
Đavoli su nekad bili božji anđeli ali su pali na dno
Nema raznolikosti jer gorimo u kotlu pretapanja

Vozali su se po kvartu, polako, dok je kiša padala
Pušeći džointe i šaleći se radi zabave
Dok nisu ugledali neku ženu kako ulicom ide sama
Tri ujutru, vraćala se sa posla, na putu kući
I tako su tiho izašli iz kola i pratili je
Dok je šetala po kvartu, pojeo ju je mrak
Obmotali su joj košulju oko glave i srušili je na zemlju
“To je to, mali, sad imaš priliku da budeš pravi”
I tako ju je Bili podigao i zgrabio za kosu
I odvukao je u neki ulaz u kojem nije bilo nikoga
Jako se opirala ali primorali su je da se popne gore
Odveli su je na krov a onda je pribili uz pod
Urlajući “Začepi jbt i prestani da se mrdaš”
Košulja joj je prekrivala lice ali ona je vrištala i grebala
Pa je bili gazio kučku dok joj nije slomio vilicu
Smradovi su tačno znali šta rade
Šutirali su je dok joj nisu napukla rebra i dok nije prestala da se mrda
Krv je curila kroz odeću, ona je tiho plakala
A onda su svi krenuli da je žestoko siluju
Bilija su naterali da bude prvi ali svi su se izređali
Cepajući je i daveći dok joj se grlo nije zapalilo
Njena slomljena vilica mrmljajući je zazivala Boga, ali oni se nisu zabrinuli
Kad su završili, a ona ležala krvava, slomljena i u masnicama
Jedan od crnja je izvadio novu 22-ojku
Rekli su mu da je ona bila svedok toga kroz šta je prošla
I da ako je ubije, zagarantovano mu je mesto u ekipi
Malo je porazmislio o tome, bila je praktično mrtva
Tako da se nagnuo i prislonio joj pištolj uz glavu

Padam i povratka mi nema
Padam i povratka mi nema

Neposredno pre nego što je povukao okidač
Pomislio je na kokain sa platinom i ledom
I osećao se snažno uz svoju novu braću
Povukao je oroz uz njenu glavu i svukao košulju
Ali od onoga što je ugledao se zgrčio i zamucao
Zato što je zurio u oči svoje rođene majke
Gledala ga je i plakala jer je se odrekao
Plakala je uz više bola nego kada su je silovali
Njegov čitav svet je stao, nije mogao ni da shvati
Njegova korumpiranost mu je uspešno sudbinu promenila
I setio se kako mu je  mama nekad kući kasno dolazila
Bezveze se ubijala od posla jer šta sad on vredi
Okrenuo je glavu od žene koja ga je rodila
I zavapio ka nebu jer je bio usamljen i uplašen
Ali samo je Đavo odgovorio, jer Bog nije bio tamo
I baš tada je shvatio šta znači biti prazan i hladan
I tako je skočio sa krova i umro bez duše
Kažu da te smrt vodi na bolje mesto ali sumnjam
Posle toga su mu ubili majku i više nikad to nisu spominjali
I slušaj, jer priča koju pričam je istinita
Jer sam bio tamo sa Bilijem Džejkobsom i, i ja sam mu silovao mamu
I sad me đavo prati gde god da krenem
Zapravo, kladim se da stoji među vama na mojim nastupima

Mogao bi biti odmah pored vas a da ne znate
Đavo raste u srcima prokletih i poročnih
Beli, smeđi, žuti i crni; boja nije ograničenje
Skloni ste samouništenju………….
I bićete jedno od božje dece što su pala s visina
Nema raznolikosti jer gorimo u kotlu pretapanja
Zato, kad đavo poželi da pleše s vama, bolje ga otkačite
Jer taj ples sa đavolom bi mogao potrajati zauvek

Šta je drkadžije mislili ste da je gotovo? E pa nije
Niste računali na palog anđela koji je ponovo u milosti i sad će se na vas okomiti
Svi vi crnčuge ste niko i ništa
Vaši producenti su niko i ništa. Vaši jbni lovci na talente ništa ne znače
Ima bre da obrišem dupe sa vašim demo dilom
Alo, Đavole, otkini ovom drkadžiji glavu!

Samo izvolite, grabite Glokove
Slomiću vam kažiprst na šest mesta
Moraćete sisati špriceve da bi pucali
Gledaću vas kako padate ničice
Skidate prstenje i puštate da vas gaze
Nema tu improvizacije, u startu najebaćete
Ispod površine
Pregrevam vaša prijemna kola da oslobodim dublje stihove od onih što serviraju popovi
Vaša spika ne vredi ništa
Vaša služba ne služi svrsi
Kao da predsednik Buš prima metke umesto tajne službe
Daleko od svega što možete da zamislite
Serem se na mačke i udaram ih ispod brade
Bez imalo samilosti, kao da bez izražajnog lica doživljavam orgazam

Nateraću njegovu prosečnu ribu da sisa mome frendu
U međuvremenu, možeš da žvališ stisnutu šaku
Sam protiv svih širim rak rane
Dr… nekoj ribi po licu
držeći granatu
Zato, ako ti provalim blef
Pederčino, bićeš manji od nule
Prosto sam morao da skinem taj teret sa sebe, kao redukcija grudi

Vi, drkadžije, ste niko i ništa, ne možete mi nauditi
Uskrsnuću sve abortirane bebe i oformiti vojsku
Jurišati planetu loveći vas, jer ja imam misiju
Da vam rasporim telo na milijardu jednoćelijskih organizama
Immortal Technique će ti uništiti religiju, glupava budalo
Ti si veći fejker od plavookih belaca razapetih na krst
Eksplodiraću kao NASA Challenger-ovi kompjuterski čipovi
Otrovne reči revolucionarno se prenose
Ja sam kao samo vreme, neizbežno ću vas pobiti
Baciti na vas hemijske bombe, bre, komadom hroma*
Ja sam zloćudan, nećete stići kući, kao Džeremijeva nećaka
Razbiću vam glavu dijagonalno zbog toga što ste pomislili da me  šutnete
A onda ću upotrebiti vaše truplo da ispišem svoje ime kaligrafskim pismom
Ova marionetska demokratija vam je psihu isprala
Dakle, vi ste obične nule, kao raznolikost bez jednakosti
I vaša ekipa je puna više pedera nego u grčkoj mitologiji
Kad pomoću numerologije brojim sve ljude koje sam poslao u raj
Dolazim do više cifara nego kad 22 podeliš sa 7
Vi ste kao Kevin Spejsi, stil vam je obično sumnjiv
Nikad niste ubili pandura, još niste jbni tagovi
Um vam je šupalj i prostran
Kao onaj deo mozga što ceni kulturu i briše
Priznajte, niste ništa posebno
Nema šanse da opstanete
Kao deca što gologuza šetaju Antarktikom

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