The Secret of Dima Bilan’s Believe

Dima Bilan is currently working on his Spanish album with Rudy Perez, American songwriter and producer who produced hits for international artists such as Julio Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, Beyonce…

The Russian representative said that he wants everyone to understand his song because it’s “magical”. As a result, we are expecting “Believe” to come out in Spanish.

Seems that Believe gets it’s “magical” meaning from The Secret, a documentary and book produced by an Australian, Rhonda Byrne, on which the lyrics of Russian 2008 entry are based.

The Secret is about a process called the Law of Attraction according to which we can achieve everything in life by visualizing goals and thinking positive because everything that comes into our life comes because we attract it, like a magnet…

Here you can see first 20 minutes of the movie:

3 thoughts on “The Secret of Dima Bilan’s Believe

  1. THE SECRET is amazing documentary..and the lyrics of BELIEVE are sou wonderful..

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