Ishtar to represent Belgium at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

IshtarBelgian national final for Eurovision Song has been held last night (9th March).

The public was choosing between five songs and results of the televoting were as follows:

1. Ishtar – O Julissi Na Jalini
2. Sandrine – I feel the same way
3. Paranoiacs – Shout it out
4. Brahim – What I like about you
5. Nelson – When I can’t find love

In case you were wondering what O Julissi Na Jalini means, give up! The song is performed in an invented language.
This is the second time in history of Eurovision that a song is being performed in an imaginary language and the first one also came from Belgium! It was Urban Trad’s Sanomi, which reached the second place at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga.

Click here to see the lyrics and video for Ishtar – O Julissi Na Jalini

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