Operacija Trijumf for Eurovision

Operacija trijumf is a regional talent show broadcast live in 5 ex Yugoslavian countries (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia) as a Western Balkan version of the world famous Fame Academy (Operación Triunfo in Spain; Star Academy in France).

Most of the OT students will be participating at national contests for Eurovision song.

The following will take part at Serbian Beovizija 2009 on 7th-8th March:

OT Bend (Vukašin Brajić, Nikola Sarić, Nikola Paunović and Đorđe Gogov) – Blagoslov za kraj
Danijel (Pavlović) i Milica (Majstorović) – H8ER
Sonja Bakić – Ništa novo
Mika K. (Mirjana Kostić) – Moja noć

Two of Croatian OT students will be singing at Croatian Dora 2009 on 27-28 February :

Ana Bebić – Mrzim spore stvari
Igor Cukrov – Lijepa Tena

Aleksandar Belov will get his chance to represent Macedonia at Skopje Fest scheduled for 19, 20, and 21 of February where he will sing “Zastani, solzi izbrisi”.

Nina Petković, from Montenegro, will not be competing for Eurovision because Andrea Demirović was chosen to represent the country. Same goes for Adnan Babajić, winner of Operacija Trijumf 2008, considering that a rock band Regina will be singing for Bosnia in Moscow.

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3 thoughts on “Operacija Trijumf for Eurovision

  1. Aleksandar didn’t go through Skopje Fest but seems to be winning our poll..
    Igor Cukrov won Dora, which means Ana Bebic is out as well.
    Let’s see what will happen at Beovizija

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