Leb i sol – Kriza tridesetih

Na pola si puta, govore mi stariji
tri banke je cifra, nije zezanje
i štedi se malo, i sutra je dan
propao si skroz

Čekajte još malo, kažem ja njima
da sredim samo misli i osećaje
vreme će, uostalom, da učini svoje
sve će biti bolje

Kriza je kriza
al’ jednom je samo tridesetih
vidim izbliza
u ogledalu bore tridesetih

U srcu dete
u kostima već trideset

Znam, pitaće me starost
gde ti je bila mladost
svirao sam okolo i trošio se
da se ponovo rodim
uradio bih isto, šta košta da košta

Album_Leb i Sol - Kao kakao

English Translation

The Midlife Crisis of the 30’s

The elders tell me you’re half way there,
three decades is a number, it’s no joke
people save money a bit, and tomorrow’s a day
you have been totally ruined.

I tell them to wait a bit longer,
let me get my thoughts and feelings together
after all, time will do its thing
and everything will be better

Crisis is a crisis
but the 30’s only happen once
I see close up
in the mirror the wrinkles I’ve earned in the 30’s

In the heart of a child
in the bones are already the 30’s

I know, the old age will ask me
where was your youth
I’ve played instruments around town and wasted myself
to be reborn again
I would do the same, no matter what it costs

2 thoughts on “Leb i sol – Kriza tridesetih

  1. He is referring to the midlife crisis in his 30s. I think you should consider changing the way you translated it because, it sounds quite literal.
    Same goes for “tri banke” – it means 3 decades (perhaps there’s a similar word in English?) 🙂

    1. I’ve corrected it, I hope it’s good 🙂 I’m not sure about the ‘decades’ part. I can’t think of another word for ‘decades’. Let me know if you think it should be changed again, I’ll take another look at it.

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