MCN (feat. Sara Jo) – Ona

Ona je htela da oko nje vrti se svet
ko ruža je vela, a znala da život je lep
ona je htela uz njega da oseti let
ona je bila ko pčela sa cveta na cvet

Ona je htela da bude nikad prodana
ona je smela da umre biće odana
ona je htela da se budi uz ljubav
od kad njega je srela nestala je ta tuga

Ona je htela da je on nosi u džepu
da joj posveti pesmu da je nosi u repu
ona je htela uvek da čuje rezime
s kim je bio i pio da mu nosi prezime

Ona je htela da mu bude predivna
Boga je klela kad mu nije jedina
ona je htela da ga čeka napolju
ona je smela da bude s njim u zatvoru

Ona htela je da mu bude sve
čitav njegov svet
ali njemu sve to malo je
ona htela je da mu bude sve
ali njemu nije stalo, ne

Ona je htela njega od glave do pete
ona je smela bez trena da mu rodi dete
ona je htela da mu podari život
da je tražio kriminal ona bila bi krimos

Ona je htela sa njim pravo da gura
smela je pred bilo kim da mu bude kurva
ona je htela da joj bude poslednji
suze je plela kad nema ga u postelji

Ona je htela da nikad ne oseti tugu
ona se klela vidi li ubiće drugu
ona je htela njegovo srce na dlanu
noći je klela čekajući ga u stanu

Ona je htela da digne sve na viši nivo
da je tražio smrt, ona dala bi život
ona je htela da nikad ne oseti muku
ona je htela da je drži za ruku

MCN feat. Sara Jo - Ona

English Translation


She wanted the world to revolve around her
she withered away like a rose, and she knew that life is beautiful
she wanted to feel a rush of excitement beside him
she was like a bee from one flower to another

She wanted to never be sold away
she was able to die and be faithful
she wanted to wake up to love
ever since she has met him, the sorrow has disappeared

She wanted him to carry her in his pocket
to dedicate a song to her, to carry her by his tail
she always wanted to his summary
who was he with and drank, in order to carry his last name

She wanted to be his beautiful girl
she swore to God when she wasn’t his one and only
she wanted him to wait for her outside
she was allowed to be with him in jail

She wanted to be his everything
his entire world
but all of that wasn’t enough for him
she wanted to be his everything
but he didn’t care, no

She wanted him from head to toe
she was able to, without a moment, to give birth to his child
she wanted to gift away her life to him
if he was to look for a criminal, she would be the gangster

She wanted to push him to go forward
she was able to be his whore in front of anyone
she wanted him to be her last man
she shed a tear when he wasn’t in bed

She wanted to never feel sorrow
she swore that if she seen another girl, she will kill her
she wanted his heart on her palm
she swore at night, waiting for him in the apartment

She wanted to raise everything on a higher level
if he was to die, she would give him her life
she wanted to never feel pain
she wanted to hold his hand

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