Sergej Ćetković – Zar je kraj?

Gledam ispred nas
samo dugi dani, hladni
reci kad smo prestali
biti jedno drugog gladni
zar je to to, zar je kraj

Vezane nam stope
a znaš da ljubav takve neće
nekad plesali smo mi
pred nas posipali cvijeće
zar je to to, zar je kraj

Bolje da vodimo ljubav nego rat
šta će nam grube riječi u ovaj sat
daj da usne se spoje
a ne greške da broje
jer krivi smo oboje

Ma pusti šta će ko reći,
važni smo mi
ne znaju ništa o sreći, sve bi kvarili
samo me zagrli jako i ljubi polako
dok nas jutro probudi

Ma otkud to, da postali smo stranci
k’o triježni smo pijanci
krvi i ljubavi ni malo

Ma otkud to, ni dobar dan ni dobro veče
da svaki pogled tako peče
k’o da voljeli nismo se mi

Sergej Cetkovic - Zar je kraj

English Translation

Is This Really the End

I take a look at what’s in front of us
there are just the cold days
tell me when did we stop
being eager for one another
is that it, is this really the end

Our feet are tied together
but you know that love doesn’t want this
we used to dance together
and they would shower us with flowers
is that it, is this really the end

It’s better if make love than lead a war
what use to us are the hurtful words at this hour
let our lips connect
and not count our mistakes
because it’s both of our faults

Who cares what anybody else says,
we are what’s important
they don’t know anything about happiness, they’d ruin everything
just hold my tightly and kiss me slowly
till the morning awakes us

Since when have we become strangers
it’s as if we’re drunk when we’re sober
not even a bit of blood nor love left

Since when have we stopped saying “good day” and “good evening” to each other
that each glance at one another burns
as if we never loved each other

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