Vlada Divljan & Ljetno Kino Big Band – Iza osmeha

Noćas tražim meke reči
noćas tražim mir
noćas tražim baš te reči
znaš ih samo ti

Reči koje nikad
nećeš izgovoriti
one koje sad tu stoje
samo reci ih

Noćas tražim jedno lice
koje kaže “da”
jedno malo, bledo lice
da me pogleda

Ono koje sada kriješ
iza osmeha
noćas tražim basšto lice
samo otkrij ga

Noćas tražim jednu suzu
da me sakrije
da mi kaže da je dobro
da me miluje

Kad je vidim u tvom oku
ona čuva te
noćas tražim baš tu suzu
samo pusti je

Album_Ljetno Kino Big Band & Vlada Divljan - Cetiri godisnja doba

English Translation

Behind a Smile

Tonight I’m looking for soft words
tonight I’m looking for peace
tonight I’m looking for just these words
that only you know of

Words that you
won’t ever say
the ones that are standing here now
just say them

Tonight I’m searching for a face
that says “yes”
one small, pale face
to look at me

The one that you’re hiding now
behind your smile
tonight I’m looking for that face
just reveal it

Tonight I’m searching for tear
to hide me
to tell me that it’s all right
to caress me

When I see the tear in your eye
it’s protecting you
tonight I’m looking for that one tear
just let it flow

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