Eurovision 2010 Malta: Thea Garrett – My Dream

We used to say
That dreams could be so true
Where am I?
What will I be?
It’s my dream
Which I could share with you
A new day for you and me
Just a smile
With warmth in my heart
and go all the way
There’s so much in life
and I’ll sing

This is my dream,
I want to make it really happen
And make my dream come true
This is my dream,
I’ll make it if I just believe it
In a fairytale I’ll live it,
Just like a new born star

Llike a seagull on the waves
And the sun will shine
Upon your face
Just believe,
follow your heart and make it happen
Grow much brighter and we’ll say

This is my dream,
I want to make it really happen
And make my dream come true
This is my dream,
I’ll make it if i just believe it
There is nothing that could stop me
I just want the world to know

This is my dream,
And I know that I’ll be strong
It will come true
Because I know I’ll make it happen
This is my dream

30 thoughts on “Eurovision 2010 Malta: Thea Garrett – My Dream

  1. Best song. best presentation. best singer.Excellent personality. Classic outfit. If others failed to appreciate what malta offered, they are the losers and I’m sorry to say they lack a touch of class. Half the songs were rubbish.Most singers screemed like they were in labour and why all the pyrotechnic stuff and robot like movements. Thea, you are a winner. God decided that for you for you were endowed with an exceptional voice plus a charming personality. You are a thief. Yes you stole quite a number of hearts. Dont change.

  2. I think the song is very strong and the lyrics are so real and beautiful, with a brilliant voice, Good Luck Thea.

  3. İ like this but this lyric “”In a ‘fairytale’ I’ll live it”” is affectation.. good luck malta

  4. awn puwpaa proset hafnaa afnaaa ta qalbijj 🙂
    andek song tal genn u anka lehen ta 🙂
    godddluck kbiraaa puwpaaaaa avoljaa certa li ha nmorru tjb zgurr

  5. Dear Thea you and your song are so impressive,exellent voice ,song ,cloths,the seagull moves and interpretation makes everything perfect good luck!!!Does’nt matter what the votes will be there i don’t trust them !!! Remember you’re going to be one of the best .Like a mother i ‘ll bless you, take care and keep that lovely smile on your face .

  6. Thea dear……my heartfelt wishes to you and a very big GOOD LUCK. You have a beautiful voice God Bless You and no matter what, you are going to make your homeland sooooo proud of you.

    And may your dream come true to the end!!!

    God Bless YOU Thea. xxx

  7. Proset thea mill qalb ghax ghandek muzika u lehen meraviljuza. j`alla tigi l ewwwel qalbi u jekk le thabillx rasek tkun bidu ta success . grazzi. mwa mwa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.Goodluck.

  8. i simply fell in love with this girl,the type one loves to be with.tell you the truth i did not understand the words when she was singing but now that i loked up the lyrics i simply love it. yesterday she said she was bullied and now i love her even more for her courage i wish she starts a site for support to those kids that are and had been bullied. for me she has already won no matter the result cause she won the hearts of many.i am a mother of two and my kids have been bullied as well and it hurts.

    god is with you you can tell

  9. prosit thea andek lehen ta vera
    good luck kbira ninsab fic cert le se tmur tajjeb
    nerga nejdlek good luck kbira u prosit

  10. Prosit Kbira lil Thea lil kull min ghandu x’jaqsam, b’mod specjali lis-Sur Sunny Aquilina, li huwa habib kbir tieghi. Rajt ir-ritratt li hemm wara il-lyrics u nibtet idea. Is-sena li ghaddiet rajna lil Sakis tal-Grecja jitla fuq platform li meta infethet giet il-Bandiera tal-Grecja! Min jaf kieku nuzaw il-gwienah ta’ l-ghasfur ghall-bandiera taghna! Forsi naghmlu hoss u nkunu originali!

  11. hello thea.u r such a sweet girl im happy that u won the eurovision and always keep on smiling.good luck and always stay positive.

  12. Thea has a great voice and a also a great song. If someone didn’t like the lyrics because he said they were boring, he should have amused us with another song himself 🙂

  13. Kemm aw min irid imaqdar! Issa kieku diska bla sens ivvutaw alijha l-gurija u n-nies? Proset Thea, l-ewwel darba li hatt sehem u rbaht 🙂 nawguralek ghall futur u ghal Eurovision 🙂

  14. It is such a pity that the voice that this girl has, has been wasted on idiotic lyrics and boring music.

    Does anyone expect that Malta will do anything with such mind numbingly dull fare?

  15. we were at mfcc and we were estatic by the VOICE by the performance and appierance of thea garrett’s pacage.


  16. Prosit Thea, kollox kellek perfett. Nawguralek ghal Oslo. In nanna Lourdes qed titlob ghalik. Good Luck and God bless you.

  17. Konna qed insegwu gewwa l MFCC u nistqar li kif harget THea fuq il palk sahhret il kullhadd b dak il lahen u nahseb kella l akbar support fi sala prezenti. Awguriiiii u minkejja l kritika li ghadewlek u li ghad irridu jaddulek, fil mument tal prova ha jkollok il poplu kollu warajk. Awguriii mil qalb.

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