Paul Schwartz – Furioso

“Furioso” by Paul Schwartz. From his album “Aria 3 Metamorphosis”.

Based on Handel’s Sarabande.
Words from Psalm 7

Exsurge Domine in ira
tua exaltare in finibus
inimicorum meorum et
exsurge Domine Deus
meus in praecepto
quod mandasti



Rise up, O Lord, in thy
anger: and be thou
exalted in the borders
of my enemies. And
arise, O Lord my God,
in the precept which
thou hast commanded



Ustani, Bože, u svom
gnevu: i
uzdigni se na bes mojih
tlačitelja. I
uzdigni se, o Gospode moj Bože,
u zapovedi koju
si naredio

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