Generacija 5 – Ti i ja

Ne pricaj nista, vise ne gresi
Niko tvoj problem nece da resi
Za samo jedan, jedan dan

Bezis od kuce, a ne bi smela
Bila bi samnom i sve bi htela
Za samo jedan, jedan dan

Promisli dobro, odluci se
I podji samnom bilo gde

Ti i ja, od danas do sutra
Zajedno, bez mira i sna
Ti i ja, od noci do jutra
A posle, ko zna

English Translation

You and Me

Don’t talk, don’t make any more mistakes
Nobody will solve your problem for you
In just one, one day

You’re running away from home, though you shouldn’t
You’d be with me and agree to anything
In just one, one day

Think it through, make up your mind
and come with me wherever

You and me, taking it day by day
Together, with no rest nor sleep
You and me, from night till dawn
And afterwards… who knows

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