Strip – Probudi se

Pogledaj, sto si ucinio
Reci mi, osecas li bol
Pogledaj, u sta si pretvorio
I priznaj mi, plasi li te to.
Priznaj, jos uvek zelis da budes samo svoj
da stojis sam na prvoj liniji
Hodas u tami, od straha sve
umesto sebe ti menjas ceo svet.
Budi hrabar, poslusaj me
i sada kada prodao si sve
hajde, probudi se.
Pogledaj, u sta si se pretvorio
Reci mi, kuda vodi to
Priznaj, sta skrivas iza osmeha
da li je strah ili samo bol…

English Translation

Wake Up

Look what you’ve done
Tell me, do you feel pain
Look what you’ve become
And admit to me, does that scare you.
Admit it, you still want to be only yourself
to stand on the front line
You’re walking in the dark, all out of fear
instead of yourself, you’re changing the entire world.
Be brave, listen to me
and now, when you’ve sold off everything
come on, wake up.
Look, what you’ve become
Tell me, what’s the point of it
Admit, what is it you’re hiding behind your smile
is it fear or just pain…

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