Elnur Gusseinov to represent Azerbaijan at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Azerbaijan will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2008.

The jury of 15 people has chosen between the following songs:

1. Elnur Gusseinov – If you’re never back
2. Unformal – Lalala
3. Aynur Iskenderli – Swear that you will stay
4. Aynur Iskenderli – Rhythm of fire
5. Unformal – Little muse
6. Elnur Gusseinov feat. Samir Javadzadeh – Day after day

Azeri national final has decided that Elnur Gusseinov will be the first to represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest.
He performed two songs at the event and it will be known on 15th February whether he will sing one of the songs at the Eurovision Song semifinal in Belgrade on 20th May.

If you’re never back
A mid-tempo ballad with traditional elements. Catchy but probably without high recognition value.

Day after day (feat. Samir Javadzadeh)
A song with rock, pop, opera and traditional elements.

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Click to see the lyrics and video for the winning song

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