Elvir Lakovic Laka to represent BIH at Eurovision 2008

After appraising 31 songs submitted for competition, Radio Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided that BIH will be represented on Eurovision by Elvir Laković Laka, with song “Pokušaj” ~ “Try”. This is just a working title of the song and Laka is the author of both the song text and the music.

The song, quite unusual for Eurovision, will be represented to the public on 2nd March 2008 on BHRT.

Elvir has won his popularity by originality and feeling for new and different and many believe that his time is yet to come. He says that he started singing “at early time – at 5am”. His first rock band, in high school, “Deformacija poreza” (Tax Deformation), performed on local festivals and in 1999 made a music video for Bosnian television. A single “Vještica” (Witch) brought him even bigger popularity.

In 2003, with song “Moro”, he won “Davorin” reward for rock song of the year and in 2004 he moved to New York where he also played with a band but that didn’t last long. Upon return to Sarajevo he published his first CD entitled “Zec” (Rabbit).

In my humble opinion, you have to find him (really) funny to like his music. And, I don’t! There’s nothing cool about this year’s BIH choice for Eurovision and I would definitely prefer to have Hari Mata Hari in Belgrade instead.

Here’s a video for his song “Ja sam moro” (I Had To)

Click here to see the lyrics and video for Elvir Lakovic Laka – Pokusaj

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