ESC 2009 Georgia Withdraws: Put in banned from Moscow

Upon EBU’s request to change the lyrics to their Eurovision 2009 entry, Georgia has announced to pull out of the competition.

The organizers have decided that the lyrics of Georgian entry Stephane and 3G “We Don’t Wanna Put In” violate the contest rules: “The lyrics and/or performance of the songs shall not bring the Shows or the Eurovision Song Contest as such into disrepute. No lyrics, speeches, gestures of a political or similar nature shall be permitted during the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Stefane and 3G never hid the fact that the lyrics allude to the Russian Prime Minister and that it was Georgia’s intention to send out the message to the world.

Since Georgia has no intention of changing the song the country will therefore not go to Moscow for Eurovision 2009.

The Russian song is also not deprived of various reactions due to the fact that,  Anastasia Prikhodko, who has been chosen to represent the host, is Ukrainian, her song “Mama” includes both Russian and Ukrainian lyrics and it was written, incidentally, by a Georgian.

2 thoughts on “ESC 2009 Georgia Withdraws: Put in banned from Moscow

  1. Ha-ha))) Although their song was rather good but I don’t believe that the Georgians could have any success in Russia.

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