Eurovision 2008 Winner Russia!

Actually Belgrade won. Perfect organization, magnificent show and first time that there were 43 contestants (the biggest number of countries so far) and two semi-finals.

The basketball legend Vlade Divac threw a ball in the audience announcing the start of voting and we came till the end of voting with famous Goran Bregovic.

At the beginning it looked as if Greece was going to win and after Icelandic votes they had equal number of votes like Russia.

After first 20 countries voted the result was as follows:
Russia 130 points
Greece 123
Armenia 92

Czech Republic will remember this evening for sure because the announcer of their votes mixed up 10 and 12 points which eventually were meant for Armenia.

When there were two countries left till the end of voting Russia had 53 points more than Greece.

Dima Bilan believed and won with 272 points bringing the first Eurovision victory to Russia!

We can safely say that the famous pattern – bloc voting was at its peak this year.

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    also,i m not from Russia,i m from Serbia

    Dima je najbolji.Svaka cast Rusiji i Diminoj delegaciji.Drago mi je sto je Rusija pobedila u Beogradu!

  2. Look I know it is very trendy to talk about political block voting and for the UK to bemoan it’s performance but the simple truth is ALL of the Eastern European countries take the competition much more seriously than the UK and not only pick their entries MONTHS before the UK but also then play it at home and abroad for MONTHS building up to the competition. It is no surprise then when countries close by vote for a song they already know and like is it?

    Why no one in the UK actually gets this point bemuses me because it is clear as can be when even I , a Brit, don’t know what our entry is 2 weeks ahead of the competition let along 2 months.

    S’nuff said

  3. I think Dima deserved to win Eurovision! Amazing singer. Amazing song.
    I am so f*cking fed up of all you saying that these singers are winning because of bloc voting!!!!.

    Russia was an amazing song. So was Ukraine. Armenia etc etc. Dunno about Greece this year… But they put their heart an soul into these performances! And then for you guys to turn around saying oh man this performance won because of bloc voting just cause you don’t like it!

    Let these countries have a chance. Maybe other countries such as France, the UK and Spain should put more effort into their performance cause they were all rubbish this year. The countries that put effort into it will come out so much better.

    I mean honestly. Did France, Spain, the UK, Ireland, Estonia and Bosnia HONESTLY think that they could win his year?

    Congratulations Dima! You deserved this!

  4. ah ok 😛 You want a Swedish translation too? I could make one tomorrow if you want too, not now probably cause I’m probably going to bed soon 😛

  5. Yeah that is true 😆 and I will add it soon for sure.
    Also.. i think I will translate “Believe” into Serbian 8)

  6. Well, he at least doesn’t sing with a wrong accent 😛
    but you should still add it to the site though, seeing as you already have added the Spanish one 😛

  7. yeah,It sounds so great (good evening brothers Serbians) but interest of slovenian are bigger than any song!they have made their business throughout serbia to Russia…so ,tnx but we are not monkeys!!!
    I put 200 euros and bet that Dima will win this yeah and it’s so amazing!
    You must know-this yeah one of balcan republics ,next year one or ex russian and after that one od scandi;s republic…and over and over again!
    so,see u in Moscow 2009 and “for example”Sweden or Norway”2010…hmmm,maybe greece or turkey but Uk ,france,portuguese who had a very,very nice song this year…it’s so easy and not interesting…

  8. Thanks to Aruba! 🙂
    I suppose we could’ve expected such voting pattern and I can’t say I’m happy with the results but.. it could have been worse.

    I also want to thank our Slovenian brothers! Because the guy that was announcing their votes said:
    Dobro vece braco Srbi! (good evening brothers Serbians) Thank you very much for everything this year – 12 points to Serbia 😀

  9. Block Voting was the winner this year, but i`m good because was Russia who won and not Greece or Ukraine, this year certainly Russia came with a very prepared performance, with a lot of drama and with the support of almost 9 countries of the ex-Soviet republic…I feel very bad for Iceland, they were my favorite and they miss a lot of points, also Portugal was underrated too…Every year i´m more used to lose my hope in this show, but well, i`ll never give up,i`m still “Believing” in ESC…Greetings From Oranjestaad, and Congratz to Russia and to Serbia, the do incredible better that others years, im pleased….See ya in Moscow (i think)

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