Eurovision 2008 Finals

These countries have qualified for the Final Eurovision Song Contest 2008 and finished with the following ranks

Draw Country Entry (Lyrics & Video) Artist Rank
01 Romania ROMANIA Nico & Vlad Miriţă Pe-o margine de lume Nico and Vlad Romania 20
02 United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM Andy Abraham – Even If Andy Abraham United Kingdom 25
03 Albania ALBANIA Olta BokaZemrën lamë peng Olta Boka Albania 17
04 Germany GERMANY No Angels– Disappear No Angels Germany 23
05 Armenia ARMENIA Sirusho– Qele Qele Sirusho Armenia 04
06 BosniaBOSNIA Laka– Pokušaj


07 Israel ISRAEL Boaz Mauda – Ke’ilo kan

ISRAEL: Boaz Mauda

08 FinlandFINLAND Teräsbetoni– Missä miehet ratsastaa

FINLAND: Terasbetoni

09 Croatia CROATIA Kraljevi ulice & 75 cents – Romanca Kraljevi ulice Croatia 21
10 PolandPOLAND Isis Gee– For Life Isis Gee Poland 24
11 Iceland ICELAND EurobandiðThis Is My Life Euroband Iceland 14
12 Turkey TURKEY Mor ve Ötesi– Deli TURKEY: Mor ve Ötesi - Deli 07
13 Portugal PORTUGAL Vânia Fernandes– Senhora do Mar

PORTUGAL: Vânia Fernandes – Senhora do Mar

14 Latvia LATVIA Pirates Of The SeaWolves Of The Sea Pirates Latvia 12
15 Sweden SWEDEN Charlotte PerrelliHero SWEDEN: Charlotte Perrelli - Hero 18
16 Denmark DENMARK Simon MathewAll Night Long Simon Mathew Denmark 15
17 Georgia GEORGIA Diana GurtskayaPeace Will Come Diana Georgia 11
18 Ukraine UKRAINE Ani Lorak– Shady Lady Ani Lorak Ukraine 02
19 France FRANCE Sébastien TellierDivine Sebastien France 19
20 Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN Elnur& Samir– Day After Day Elnur and Samir Azerbaijan 08
21 Greece GREECE Kalomoira– Secret Combination Kalomoira Greece 03
22 Spain SPAIN Rodolfo Chikilicuatre – Baila el chiki chiki

SPAIN: Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila el chiki chiki

23 Serbia SERBIA Jelena TomaševićOro Jelena Tomasevic Serbia 06
24 Russia RUSSIA Dima Bilan– Belive

RUSSIA: Dima Bilan

25 Norway NORWAY Maria Haukaas Storeng– Hold On Be Strong Maria Norway 05

Countries that qualified in Semi-final 1

Countries that qualified in Semi-final 2

Automatic finalists

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19 thoughts on “Eurovision 2008 Finals

  1. I think that eurovision was more important in others years beacause it had more category.the last year was a disgraceful show with Spain and them song “el chiki chiki” .I hope that spain won’t have participe in eurovision without make the finals.Year by year is worst.What will be eurovision in the next years?The participation have a small letter: the singer can’t try matters as the politic, and in the spanish song did it.

  2. i am from albania and i like russia very much(so glad he won),serbia,armenia and ukraine

  3. hey im from Serbia no matter who was the best i will always support my country no matter what…Jelena Tomasevic volim te puno…you the best….

  4. ISRAEL !!! I m from Greece and i believe that the israeli song is the best !!!!!!! But anyway probably a song from a former sovietblock country will win ….

  5. I’m from Greece and the best song this year in Eurovision is “Missa miehet ratsastaa”-Terasbetoni(Finland).


    Jarkko Ahola was facinating on stage… Like we say in Greece “all the money… baby”…! 😛

  6. Secret combination a stupid sond?? You’re kiddind me right?
    Diva Bilan eem sorry i ment Dima Bilan, he’s okay, but with his “6” bodyguards is better. Do you thinks so? 😛

  7. my secret combination???? really stupid song……. i do not like it……. russia send dima in the eurovision…he is really good singer….. but there’s nothing about to win the eurovision….they give them many point…….. no one interesed for georgia was much better than every song hier……georgia might won…diana was great….peace will come not any secret combination not shady lady and believe……………….. 1.georgia 2.azerbaijan 3.israel 4.belarus 5.iceland……. those are my favourite song and singers in the eurovision……. noone gave to georgia 12 points….. and noone gave chance to diana…….but we help another country’s like russia armenia and ukrain….but they….!!!!! we helped them…… what’s after?? 11 place…….. really ……azerbaijan song was verry verry great……they sing as say can……..jonti_swe
    like or hate you are right….because i like it…elnur and samir i loveee you………….. mariana dima is not best……….. israel song was amazing….like him!

  8. Me neither….well that Azerbaijani song is probably something you either like or hate.. and I do not like it at all..
    but yea Isreal and Portugal deserved higher places than they got.
    I also think the Romanian and the Albanian song did and the Icelandic too. well there were some songs that definately deserved higher places.

  9. I added final ranks in the table..
    And, once again – If I didn’t know better I absolutely wouldn’t understand HOW on earth Elnur and Samir ended up with higher rank than Boaz and Vania!

  10. I’m from Poland,but the albanian song is the best.
    Will be intersting if the albanian song will win in Serbia:)

  11. ~~~dima bilan always the best..
    always have.. always will..

    may all the luck in the world be with him tonight!!

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