Eurovision 2008 Stage

Evrovizija 2008 - StageEurovision 2008 stage in Belgrade Arena has been finished ten days ago. It’s big surfaces are mostly in gray colour made of materials which can be well coloured with illumination. Additional features such as the pyrotechnics and the wind machine have also been set up.

Lights and various decors hanging on the ceiling weigh 72 tons!

In accordance with the basic theme of the event, the stage symbolizes confluence of two Belgrade rivers as well as of different cultures and confluence of sound.

So far, everyone seems to be applauding the stage for it’s style, sophistication and ability to change its look and feel for all the songs, with comments that it is shaping up to be one of the best looking stages in the history of the competition.

After the rehearsals, Hind from the Netherlands and Charlotte Perrelli from Sweden said that they have struggled to avoid slipping, which seems to be the only disaster potential so far.
Let’s hope nobody will fall down during the event!

2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2008 Stage

  1. I seriously think they did a great job with the stage! It’s really class how it fits every song in a different way!

  2. One that lost his battle with the floor was Paolo…he slipped in the first rehearsal…and he put a really funny face, was soo goofyeish xD

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