Semi-final 1 Results!

The theme of the first Semi-final was “city”, and for the second one, it will be “water”.

Novak Djokovic announced start of the voting by throwing a ball “somewhat” bigger than the usual tennis ball with his autogram in the audience
Though he was saying that there are people more competent to sing, Zeljko insisted to make “poor” Nole try his luck in that department.

After 15 minutes given for voting, and a Serbian instrumental by Slobodan Trkulja, Krstina and Bane informed us that nobody fainted (yet) in the green room…
While everyone was dying to hear the results.. we watched clips of entries by the Big Four and Serbia, then some contestants… including (so not cute) Kalomoira (sorry Greek fans!)

If I had a say in it, the Big Four would need to step out to make place for some other entries!

And finally, the results:
Zeljko says: “First finalist.. Beautiful country, I’ve been there before .. Lovely people and finally he announces – Greece!” (wasn’t that difficult to guess from his description

Then, Jovana… complaining she can’t open her first envelope.. But, finally she announced the second finalist – Romania!
Bosnia (no comment from my side!)
Finland (absolutely no comment from me – not a public one that is!)
Russia! Congratulations Russia!
Azerbaijan (Zeljko asks – how do you say hurry up in Azerbaijan.. I’d answer him “Go home please!”)

Armenia!!! I was relieved!

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