Geta Burlacu to represent Moldova at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Geta BurlacuTwelve songs were represented at the 2008 Moldovan national final for Eurovision Song:

1. Geta Burlacu – A century of love
2. Olia Tira – Always will be
3. Alexa – We are one
4. Galina Şcoda – Your own vision
5. Elena Demirdjean – Living creatures
6. Edict – I believe
7. Catrina Pâslaru – Dance with me
8. Dana Marchitan – Your name
9. Jay Mon – Point of view
10. Cristina Rujiţcaia – You make me feel crazy
11. Liusia Znamensky – Don’t deceive my heart
12. Scroom – Jane

A combination of the Specialist Jury vote, TRM vote and Televoting decided that Geta Burlacu would go to Belgrade to represent Moldova at 53rd Eurovision Song Contest with her rhythmic, jazzy song A Century of Love

Click here to see full lyrics and video for Geta Burlacu – A Century Of Love

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