Google Predictor: Eurovision 2010 Winner Forecast

Google Eurovision 2010 Forecast

Based on Google search data, the Predictor shows how popular each Eurovision 2010 participant is and then calculates the scores they would get if the voting took place today.
Have in mind that Google correctly predicted Alexander Rybak’s win last year! (Eurovision 2009 Google Forecast)

15 thoughts on “Google Predictor: Eurovision 2010 Winner Forecast

  1. Lena’s song is the most popular on LyricsTranslations as well.

    Most Popular Eurovision 2010 Lyrics (Total number of page views)

    Germany: Lena Meyer-Landrut – Satellite 80,798
    Armenia: Eva Rivas – Apricot Stone 31,581
    Azerbaijan: Safura – Drip Drop 26,462
    Serbia: Milan Stanković – Ovo je Balkan 18,254

  2. The ranking is a Google calculation based on popularity in their searches – it doesn’t include information such us – which of them made it through the semifinal.
    Popularity in Google searches is one thing and actual voting is another (especially since 50% jury votes have been included and especially if we take into account that people might like one song and vote for another for entirely neighborly or patriotic reasons 🙂

  3. This ranking is not valuable because Marcin Mroziński can’t be the seventh, Filipa Azevedo can’t be the thirty-eighth

  4. But doesn’t always win the most popular.. This situation can change i think.. ????? maybe im wrong…

  5. I think That’s wrong! Cause 1. Armenia 2. Turkey 3.Denmark
    4. Azerbaijan 5.Romania or Norway 6.Germany 7.France

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