Isis Gee to represent Poland at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Isis GeePolish national final for Eurovision Song 2008 was held last night (23rd February) with the following acts:

1. Kasia Nova – The devil
2. Edi Ann – Lovin’ u
3. Izabela Kopec – You’ve got my love
4. Starnawki & Urban Noiz – It’s not a game
5. Queens – I say my body
6. Isis Gee – For life
7. Man Meadow – Viva la musica
8. Afromental – Thing we’ve got
9. Plastic – Do something
10. Sandra Oxenryd – Superhero
11. Natasza Urbanska – Blow up
12. Margo – Dlatego walcz

Televoting and jury has decided to send Isis Gee (Tamara Gołębiowska) to Belgrade. The song stood out with a very strong vocal performance with a pianist and violin players in the background.

Isis Gee’s musical style is classified as pop adult contemporary and she is often described as an edgy Sade meeting Celine Dion and Lara Fabian, while also supplying gentle elements of airy pop vocals and unique aria accents.

Isis Gee is an American married to Polish and she wrote the song for him, nine months before the contest.

She has recorded one album, last October, called Hidden Treasures, which she arranged and produced herself.

Click here to see full lyrics and official video for Isis Gee – For Life

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