Kreisiraadio to represent Estonia at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

EstoniaAt last night Eurolaul 2008, Estonian public voted for their Eurosong choosing between the following:

1. Kreisiraadio – Leto svet
2. Iiris Vesik – Ice-cold story
3. Birgit Õigemeel – 365 days
4. Rolf Junior – One on one
5. Margus Vaher – God inside your soul
6. SKA Faktor – Real big money
7. Kristjan Kasearu & Paradise Crew – Üksinduses
8. Taavi Peterson – Question man
9. Luisa Värk & Traffic – It’s never too late
10. Supernova – Stefani

Great majority of votes, decided that Kreisiraadio will go to Belgrade to represent Estonia at 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.
Seems that, with the comedy act, Estonia is hoping for the same success that LT United from Lithuania achieved.

Leto Svet is performed mainly in (bad) Serbo-Croatian language with parts in German and Finnish and Kreisiraadio performance for Eurolaul 2008 included three scantily clad ladies waving Estonian and German flags. The title “Leto Svet” is supposed to mean “Summer Light” judging by the German part but, in Serbian, these are two separate words meaning “summer” and “world”. Correct title in Serbian would be “Letnje svetlo”

Click here to see full lyrics (with English translation) and official video for Kreisiraadio – Leto svet

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