Ruslan Alehno to represent Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Last night, on 21st of January, Belarus held their final competition for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The following songs, chosen by the jury and televoting in semifinal participated in the final “Eurofest” held at the National Sports Palace in Minsk:

* Gunesh – I can’t live without you
* Ruslan Alehno – Hasta la vista
* Litesound – Do you believe
* Po glazam – Devochka tryohtysachnih let

The 2008 Eurofest decided that Ruslan Alehno will represent Belarus in Serbia with his pop song Hasta La Vista.
In case you can’t tell from the video…

which would be understandable considering his performance, the lyrics of the song are entirely in English with the obvious exception of the title (Hasta la vista = Goodbye; See You Later). All in all, it’s a typical Eurovision song: “Hasta la vista…baby, I’m gonna miss you…maybe”

Click to see full Hasta la vista lyrics

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