Semi-final 2 Results!

“Mother of Eurovision”, Lys Assia, announced the start of voting… She said Bulgaria instead of Belgrade but she is 82 so, we can’t criticize her!
She won the first Eurovision in 1956 for Switzerland with song Refrain
It’s quite interesting that Bane choose Ani Lorak, of all contestants, to give her an apple!
They brought the envelops in a basket with apples and started announcing:

ESC 2008 Semi-final 2Ukraine
And first good news – Turkey but… then a long long break! Many contestants that probably deserved to qualify still hadn’t been listed…
They ask the audience who they think is in the last envelope… And the audience very clearly agrees with me – Portugal! Portugal!

34 thoughts on “Semi-final 2 Results!

  1. Hmm ok, that’s too bad, I would have loved to see Italy in it. They would maybe have liked Romania and Switzerland’s songs this year at least….:P
    Yea I also like to listen to Italian, it’s very beautiful.

    Yea I like those ballads too, well especially Romania, Albania, Israel, Serbia and Portugal. Norway and Poland ok too 😛 Switzerland too….but it’s not in the final. Same with Hungary.

    Of the pop songs my favourites are probably Armenia and Iceland. Maybe Greece too it’s an ok song, the others are quite ok too I suppose.

    Haha ok, well here in Sweden everyone has to study English since 3rd grade, and in 7th grade you can choose another language between Spanish, German and French, of which I chose Spanish. I’m in 9th grade now but well I have learnt most of what I know at home by myself anyway 😛 and well I like learning languages a lot 😛

  2. Sorry u are right about italy, what i meant was mediterranean countries with similar musical tastes, italy naturally turned up. They are not happy with the songs quality on the contest apparantly.

    I think there is loads of good songs this year, starting from the ballads Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Israel, Norway, Poland (Or polish Celine Dion), Albania.

    Good pop musics like Ukraine, Greece, Sweden, Armenia, Russian and Iceland. And even good rock Finalnd n Turkey.

    I think its time for the italian to join the group again.

    They normally sings in italian which is so pleasunt to listen.

    Im am amazed with ur spanish jonti_swe 😉 U are really young and u seem to master two foreign languages without problem. I know english is very popular in nordic countries but never thought that someone so young wd be able to speak spanish? Where did u learn it?

    (Sorry to be off topic)

    Spooky 😀

  3. Yea I do think the songs should be something representing your own country and its culture more. This sentence you said “but like i said for its a commercial american-like musics, in europe we have more culture and we can do it better” is very true.

    Yea I suppose you’re right about Switzerland, I have the song on my computer and my mp3..but I suppose his live performance wasn’t the best and that many people didn’t vote for it cause it had such a similar melody with that Swedish song I had never heard before I heard the video with the plagiarism theory of those two songs 😛

    It’s probably not the singer’s fault though, it’s the songwriters, I think he has said he hadn’t even heard about It can only get better before didn’t he? I have heard something about that.

    I haven’t heard all the Portuguese songs through the years so I cannot say anything about that, but yea this year it is one of the songs that could deserve a win. Last year’s winner showed that beauty isn’t necessary to win either and that is good.

    Yea well I hope there won’t be too much neighbour voting, but I’m afraid there will be….Here in the Nordic countries we will probably too, except some immigrants from different countries who probably will vote for their home countries.
    Just one thing btw- you mentioned Italy- and they cannot vote cause they are not in the competition 😛 Which I wish they could do again though, I like their country (even though I have never been there)and the language, they should be able to make some good songs.

    We’ll see how things’ll go tonight, I think it might be a close one! There are quite many songs I like and some others that I’m not a very big fan of but that probably will finish high anyway.
    Looking forward to it!

  4. Thank jonti_swe, its good to know that im not alone and its also good to know that u start apreciating Portugues performance in a different way.

    I dont want mean that Sweden, Ukraine or Greece sucks! No i like the songs, they are catchy…i wd love to dance them in a party or either sing them along because they all have good rithm, but like i said for its a commercial american-like musics, in europe we have more culture and we can do it better.

    About Switzerland, i really like the music n i have it on my phone, but the melody certainly came from “it can onlt get better” its unfair for the people that vote spend their money in a song that was not original, therefore i think they should be out of the competition.

    I think Portugal deserves to win this year because:

    it undoubtfully has one of the best songs

    it has been in the competition for more than 40years and never won, i dont think all these portuguese songs were bad, some maybe 🙂 but others had very good quality… however no one votes for Portugal – that is the true.

    How can portugal have votes from countries like:
    Finland that sends a rock band
    Sweden that love those pop songs (ABBA)
    Eastern europe that love disco songs

    Who votes for portugal? Spain normally do it because they are culturally connected, France, Italy, UK, Germany part because of the immigrants part for similar musical tastes.

    So lets make LISBON 2009, Im sure that YOU will LOVE be there to watch EUROVISION.

    Vote for portugal!:p

  5. I so agree with you about the first part there XD Especially about the ballad thing!
    Well actually I agree with you about almost everything there 😛
    Maybe not about Portugal being the best of them all, but yea sure it’s from her heart and nostalgic as you say, so yea I wouldn’t really mind it winning I suppose. It has become a little better for me now than it was first time I listened to it 😛
    and that last sentence- the most true sentence I have seen for a very long time I think 😀

  6. I think a good ballad has much more quality that a good pop song! The Swedish lyric is hilarious, …”like a star, like a hero. Love will survive” Seems like a Sailor Moon song where the girls kick the evil with their superpowers n love always win…lol

    Greece, Slovenia n Ukraine sing about emancipation of women!
    They all have short dresses n big boobs…cmon..where is the voice…Kaloimora is so annoying…god sake…however she might win (hope not)

    And there are the party songs like Andorra, Malta, Bulgaria…many more…well andorra is the best of this category, Bulgaria could have done more, their lyric is basically “dj take me away” she only sing this…hopefully she was pretty, me and most of men probably spend the all performance looking at her body 🙂

    Anyway Portugal still the best. True ballad sung from the heart, powerful n nostalgic…even for those u dont understand the language they get the message…AFTERALL this is the idea of music n eurovision.

  7. aren`t you all fed up with those “sexy” slavonic “beauties” having very poor abilites to sing,and still singing those boring, thousands of times listened songs?

  8. my vision- I think there are quite many who like ballads (I’m one of them), remember a ballad actually won last year.

  9. I am glad that Croatia and Turkey got through, but I can not see why Portugal is so popular.

  10. Portugal was last night the best of the best.
    Cyptus was the big looser i think.
    The song was catchy and original but singing in your native language nowadays must be really not helping…
    Romania was nice with something to give….
    But from all PORTUGAL is the best.
    I come from Cyprus but love the Turkish song…
    I think it will come very close to the top5.

  11. This “euro circus” surprises me every year, you don’t really know what to expect.Estonia and Ireland with their comedian acts didn’t go through, but Latvia did!I thought nobody likes ballads until i found out that romania, portugal and albania also qualified!what the hell is going on?and apart from that we have 4 the same acts which do not differ-sweden,ukraine,armenia and greece.A lot of flesh, more flesh and more flesh!!I knew lithuanian song was too boring and there was a lack of decorations and show elements.anyway, the song wasn’t for this contest.and i also realised that it is not a neccesity to have good vocals here,it is enough you are attractive, if you are not, you can make plastic surgery(sweden). I liked israel, norway, france, uk and spain.My votes for them.Russia..sorry but Dima can’t sing, the song is lovely, but he sings it like sick bird.


  12. hmm this semifinal was quite interesting and weird also…The results don´t made me necessarily happy…

    Ukraine, i think she did a good performance, even when i dislike her song…

    Croatia, i knew it! i think some people thinks like me, this song is actually good, but the old man that i think is the 75 cents, is a pity factor on this performance, almost ruin it

    Albania, she did a bad performance, even when the song is good enough for eurovision..i think that she didn´t deserve it

    Iceland, I think that i have been clear about what i think of this song…Simply the best, great performance, but i think that maybe some fireworks could be helpful for they…

    Georgia, the performance was better than i thought, i`m still against this song, but she knew how to defend it

    Denmark, hmm the guy is very charismatic, i think that is the reason that he get trough the final…for me is just an ok song

    Sweden, She is the favorite, like the Ukraine song, so this wasn`t a surprise for me

    Latvia, Oh Lord…even when i said that this song makes me happy in some way, the performance was awful, horrible, the lost ever single tune of the song, they look like clowns…i hated the performance and i´m absolutely sure that they dont deserve been in the final

    Turkey, actually i enjoyed their performance, absolutely not my favorite, but they knew how to pull over…

    Portugal, Senhora do Mar really was one of the best songs in that semifinal, she put in all the power that i could imagine, so her performance definitively caught me…

    Now..those who didn`t reach the final…
    Lithuania, so boring, his voice perturbed me :S

    Switzerland, how do he didn´t get to the final?? is one of the most beautiful songs on the festival! i think he do a good job, i haven´t seen anything wrong in his performance..

    Czech Republic, absolutely LAME, she is even with Latvia…didn´t hit any tune right and her performance was horrible

    Belarus, extremely similar to Koldum, but quite worst…

    Bulgaria, makes me dance, nice performance, i like it

    Hungary, i prefer this one more than Poland, is a better ballad…probably should been in the final..

    Malta, the same that Bulgaria, makes me dance, but isn´t a good song

    Cyprus, wasn`t bad at all, i prefer this one that the Greece entry…is more original..

    Macedonia, in their native language sounds 1000 times better, they did a good show, i think that this one probably deserve to go to the final, instead of Latvia for example

    In overral, i liked the results, but i would changed Albania, Latvia and Georgia for Macedonia or Switzerland. And i think that Cyprus and Hungary didn´t pass because the final haves already songs similar to these one, and not necessarily better

  13. I agree with you Spooky690 about Albania and Iceland. Switzerland should have made it through though. The song is better than the song that some people say it’s stolen from, it’s sang in Italian, I suppose it wasn’t as good live but I think the singing and lyrics should be more important than the stage performance (I mean like how good they look, how well they are dancing and stuff like that).
    I also agree about Hungary….but not about Lithuania though!
    and yea Croatia and Latvia are not understandable….especially when a great song such as Switzerland missed it….

  14. Albanija MAKE IT THROUGH??????????
    What a ****????????
    I’m glad for Portugal because thay have lot of fans in Belgrade…also my favorite is Israel!!!
    Go Izrael Go!!!!

  15. Ukraine – vocally ok! n an excellent performance! No surprise

    Crotia, Latvia – some things i cant understand!

    Sweden – hollow lyrics but the performance was outstanding.

    Iceland and Albania – really liked their musics, they deserved!

    Denmark and Georgia were two “ok” songs.

    Portugal – (my favourite) almost gave a heart attack…ufa..well the portuguese performance was outstanding…vocally perfect and really powerful, a beautiful lyric sang in a beautiful language. Wd like to watch ESC for the first time in Lisbon 2009!

    Missing song:

    Lithuania – excellent voice…wow

    Switzerland – the lyric is simply beautiful, the live performance was poor, the melody came from another song…therefore i think they should be desqualified, they deserve to stay out. Pity because i think it was a good song.

    Hungary – old fashion ballad, fantastic lyric wd love to see it in the final. This is really unfair when songs like croatia got thru!

  16. I’m happy about Albania and Iceland.

    I can stand Ukraine I suppose and Portugal. Turkey was ok I suppose.

    I didn’t like my own country (Sweden) so much at all to be honest I still don’t get how so many people can like her so much….maybe it’s just cause she won once. but I don’t like my country’s taste in music lol….

    well at least not young people’s taste in music, people still stuck in the 80’s/early 90’s and before are ok though(and I’m born 1992 lol).

    Well I don’t really like most western countries music these days lol. Well I don’t like our song. It still doesn’t make me feel anything, and the lyrics are not good, I don’t understand what message it’s trying to give. Plus that I don’t like the singer lol

    I didn’t really like Georgia (I have a feeling it would probably been better in their native language maybe)but I’m not surprised that it went through.

    I really disagree with that Latvia (not one more joke songs please….)Denmark, and Croatia (wtf? who voted for it?) went to the final.

    What I’m mostly disappointed with though is that Switzerland didn’t make it to the final! How it is possible? It’s one of the best this year! and sang in maybe the world’s most beautiful language Italian!
    I would have liked to switch some of the songs for at least Switzerland, Macedonia and Hungary (though the two last ones maybe would have sounded better in their native languages only!)

    Linootia- I disagree with you about all except Croatia. Lithuania had probably the worst song of all here in this semifinal.

    Alex- wtf? Romania is one of my favourites! A beautiful song sang in two of the world’s most beautiful languages! but it was not in this semifinal, anyway, so off topic.

  17. :(:( Why wasnt HUNGARY..This was a beatifull,wonderfull song…:( i hope greek or sweden will win the festival..GREEEK

  18. Just let me tell you that some songs are excellent and that is why the made it to the final but I can not understand why macedonian song didn’t make it trough becouse it’s way better than croatian song!!!!I’m upset for this bad taste for music

  19. I tottaly disagree with Croatia, Albania, Iceland, and Portugal. There was a lot of songs, better than them. I was schoked, when i heard that Albania is in final. Where is Lithuania, Malta? I think Lithuanian’s song was really good, and singer’s voice was just awesome! So, there is just one word about results – corruption…

  20. Ok the results were anounced obviously that was something surprising but it always happens :))) Ukraine with its performance was gergous + Latvia also was fun Pirates of the Sea
    I am happy for Turkey Mor ve Otesi congrats Harun Tekin seni cok seviyorum:))Yeah final knoking the door who will open the door haaaaa?

  21. I am disapointed about Malta.Morena indeed brought the party to the stage!(always voting for the neighbours)

  22. Gooossshhh!!! I’m surprised Macedonia didn’t make it! 🙁 Turkey suckssss!!! i’m a fan of Turkey,but this song is absolute rubbish! The rest i’m alright with…Glad Iceland made it! 😀

    The song is so powerful , so beautiful ..
    To me is the best of all of them ..

    Go Portugal , Lisbon 2009 🙂

  24. – I definitly agree with Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia and Iceland.
    – I can stand such results about Latvia.
    – I am decidedly against Albania, Turkey, Denmark and Mrs. Beakley from Portugal.
    – I am totaly upset with Croatia.I don’t believe that people can have such a bad taste. Probably it were just the jury’s tricks.:(


    I disagree with Latvia, Croatia and Denmark especially. Don’t like Georgia and Sweden’s so much either. Ukraine was ok I suppose. and the rest I’m happy with 😛

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