Vote for Mister Eurovision 2009!

In our 2008 Mister Eurovision poll, Dima Bilan, Russia, got 33% of the votes. Boaz Mauda, Israel, followed with 27%.  Simon Mathew from Denmark received 11% and Paolo Meneguzzi from Switzerland got 10% of the votes.

See the results of The Mister Eurovision 2008 poll

This year we have some interesting faces, like Sakis Rouvas, Oscar Loya and Zoli Adok and some other… interesting in other ways but let’s see what the poll will say…

[poll id=30]

103 thoughts on “Vote for Mister Eurovision 2009!

  1. I dont think your “cute” Sakis is even nice. He doesnt look like anything and all Greece is in love with him.. Hahaha. Stefan is the best!!!

  2. alexander rybak 😉

    ria eisai ellhnida k les ta skopia makedonia? OMG re! synel9e kopela mou!

  3. Well I’m from Greece but no I’m not gonna say Sakis!He’s awful!Actually I think he didn’t deserve to come 7th!Nevertheless,Macedonia should have been to the finals!
    So I say:
    #1)Alex Rybak
    #2)Martin Filipovski
    #3)Stef Filipovski

  4. sakis rouvas is the best!!!!he is so cute and gorgeous!i’m sad for the 7nth place of greece but i’m very happy because in greece we have this amazing guy…sakis!!!greeklovers….if you know what i mean!!!

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