Vote for Mister Eurovision 2010!

In the 2008 Mister Eurovision poll, Dima Bilan, Russia, followed by Boaz Mauda, Israel got the majority of our visitors’ votes and in 2009, Stefan Filipovski from Macedonian band Next Time won with 2% more votes than Sakis Rouvas, Greece.

See the results of The Mister Eurovision 2009 poll

Let’s find out who’s the best looking Eurovision 2010 singer…

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65 thoughts on “Vote for Mister Eurovision 2010!

  1. maNga [FERMAN]
    A hotter boy than him ?! So one its just don’t gives. He is the prettiest collest best greatest man in the world…
    Noone can stop or could be better than him…! [:
    Ferman ?! I just live for you and love you more than words can say…! *___* x33

  2. Lilygreen isn’t Cypriot or Greek. He is Welsh. So, i can see why he is not ugly, because he is not Greek haha xD But i voted for Ferman he is better cool.

  3. daniel diges is cute:) but ferman is better. also marcin mrozinski is good too. and vukasin brajic… but as I say ferman is the best!!!

  4. I think milan stankovic or the man from switzerland has to be at the last. Milan stankovic looks like a girl!

  5. FERMAN OF COURSE!!! I voted for him. But I think there must be Yağmur,Cem,Özgür and Efe too. Manga has 4 other person too. yeah! Turkish guys are the best!!! I’m Turkish too.

  6. John Lilygreen is Welsh like me. from Wales… BTW i voted for Ferman (Turkey). He looks really nice.

  7. i am greek but i dont think we have problems with turks. especially with their boysss <3 i love ferman and i voted for him xoxo Fermannn 🙂 i love you

  8. Manga Ferman xxxxxxx… I am serbian but i like Ferman soo muchh <3 i voted for Fermannn xD

  9. Turkeyyy!!! Manga Ferman is the best one of course!! I voted for him!! All Turkish guys are hot like him..

  10. Who da hell can vote for polish man he should be on the bottom of this poll harel and vukasin are more handsome than he is

  11. Not important that become the first or second…It is important to support them…But i think Safura songs well but not the best.. But we love you, we support Safura and Turkey will give Azerbaijan 12 points…

  12. Manga I hope you’ll be second because Safura will be first. But second place is good too. Loves from Azerbaijan.



  14. i love ferman(manga) and safura sooo much…we are only champion of eurovision(azerbaijan)!is it clear!

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