Emina Jahović – Opet si sa njom

Pucaju instalacije od sna
Ambis od tolerancije i ja

DJ svira nešto što me
Svaki put na tebe seti
Dok te ja po gužvi tražim

Napolju je 100 stepeni
A ledeni led u meni je

O, opet si s njom
Čista je bol što osećam
O, opet si s njom
Sad ima sve što nemam ja

Tetoviram tvoje ime na grudima
Vežem te pred Bogom i ljudima

Emina Jahovic - Opet si sa njom

English Translation

You’re With Her Again

They’re shooting installations from a dream
There’s an abyss between tolerance and me

DJ is playing something that
Reminds me of you every time
While I’m searching for you in the crowd

It’s 100 degrees outside
But I’m cold as ice

Oh, you’re with her again
Clear pain is what I’m feeling
Oh, you’re with her again
Now she has everything that I don’t

I’m tattooing your name onto my chest
I’m tying you in front of God and the people

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