Josipa Lisac – Magla

Tvoje tijelo osipa se poput pijeska sad
tvoje lice nestaje u zraku kao dim
umorna sam, shrvala me
za ljubavlju tvojom duga glad
ti si s druge strane rijeke
polako već se mirim s tim

Magla svuda, magla oko nas
iz daljine jedva čujno dopire tvoj glas
magla svuda, magla oko nas
prekasno je, uzaludno, sve je dublji jaz

Tvoje usne od papira
ne osjećam ih već
tvoje ruke izmiču ko ispred dana noć
nekad ipak kriknula bih
poneku psovku il’ grubu riječ
ipak šutim, gušim srce
mora se naprijed, dalje poć

Tvojih riječi ne sjećam se
ne pamtim tvoj glas
milovanja tvoja još su samo dio sna
sve što oboje smo htjeli
odavno već je iza nas
u tom moru sivih lica
uzalud tvoje tražim ja

Album_Josipa Lisac - Hir hir hir

English Translation


Your body is now scattering like sand
your face disappearing in the air like smoke
I’m tired, it crushed me
the longing for your love
you are at the other side of the river
I am already, slowly coming to terms with that

The fog is everywhere, the fog is all around us
from afar I can barely hear your voice
the fog is everywhere, the fog is all around us
it’s too late, in vain, the gap is getting bigger and bigger

Your lips made of paper
I already can not feel them
your hands elude like a night in front of a day
Yet sometimes, I could scream
some curse or harsh words
but I remain silent, I’m smothering the heart
have to go forward, move on

I don’t remember your words
I don’t remember your voice
your fondling is still just a piece of a dream
everything  both of us wanted
has been  behind us for a long time now
in the sea of grey faces
in vain I look for yours

One thought on “Josipa Lisac – Magla

  1. It’s a beautiful 32 years old song and the translation is not bad either 🙂
    but here are some corrections:

    What crushed her is “the long craving for his love”

    “sve je dublji jaz” – “Sve” in this line is not “everything” but it means that the gap is getting bigger and bigger. Perhaps there’s also a better word for it than “gap”..

    “mora se naprijed, dalje poč” – someone made the typical mistake and mixed č and ć, which is probably why you thought it means “početak”. However, it should be “mora se naprijed, dalje poć(i)” (she has to move on)

    “u tom moru sivih lica uzalud tvoje tražim ja” – it’s not his sea but “in the sea of gray faces, in vain I search for yours”

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