Severina – Zaustavite tramvaj

Vrela noć je, grad spava
tramvaj vozi zadnji krug
a ja teško sobom vladam
jer zavolio si nju

Kažu da se ne raspituješ
više za mene
i da te nikad sretnijeg
ne pamte

Zaustavite tramvaj
i vjetar i ljude
noćas sa mnom budite
dok oni se ljube

Novo jutro, što mi nosi
kada ljubav prestaje
miris ljeta i sol u kosi
sve polako nestaje

Dovoljna bi bila jedna riječ
dovoljna za sve
dovoljan si ti
za mene

Ma noćas sa mnom budite
dok oni se ljube

Album_Severina - Djevojka sa sela

English Translation

Stop the Tram

It’s a hot night, the city is sleeping
the tram is driving its last round
and I am having difficulties controlling myself
because you fell in love with her

They are saying that you don’t ask
about me anymore
and they can not remember seeing you
happier than ever

Stop the tram
and the wind and the people
stay with me tonight
while they are kissing

New morning, what’s it bringing me
when the love stops
the smell of summer and the salt in my hair
everything is slowly disappearing

One word would be enough
enough for everything
you are enough
for me

Well, stay with me tonight
while they are kissing

3 thoughts on “Severina – Zaustavite tramvaj

  1. Saro, am I wrong that “ruling myself” doesn’t really have much meaning in English?
    Think about it in English… she has no control over her own actions (something like that).

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