Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Cavadzadə – Day After Day

Day After Day

Azerbaijan 2008 Eurovision Song


For peace we pray
Save us from all fears
Oh Lord, save us…

You can feel me in your mind
With every breath you take
Burn the earth with flame of sins
I’ll make you feel dismay

Our feelings play with us
But you must keep yourself under control
If you’re searching for resolves
Be ready for the tolls

Show us the right way
Day after day
All fears we must forget
Then better world we’ll get

If you have the greatest aim
Keep it in your soul
I’ll be always by your side
Always in your heart

Our dreams can play with us
Even if we think that we keep control
From all horrors of the world
Salvation is love, love

The earth is in flame
And you must share the blame
Look inside yourself
We both are there

Day after day
Day after day

Day after day
All fears we must forget
Then better world we’ll get
Then better world we’ll get
Then better world we’ll get
Then better world we’ll get

26 thoughts on “Elnur Hüseynov & Samir Cavadzadə – Day After Day

  1. Actually, the “angel” got a really cool voice!

    Longer blond hair and he would defenitely fit in a sleaze/glamrock band!:D
    Almost sounds like the singer in the Poodles;)

  2. Probably one of these songs that you either love or hate….and I do NOT like it at all. Not my type of music. Shouldn’t have finished as high as it did, in my opinion.

  3. Heeeeeeey! Of course, Azerbaijan is the No 1 here, but let’s be fair, c’oz Serbia IS THE BEST OF ALL!!! I think Azerbaijan will be in the 3rd and Serbia AGAIN WILL WIN!


  4. Ofcourse I hope we (Sweden) win. Can’t vote for my country so I will vote for Azerbaijan and the Pirates from Latvia! =)

  5. Of course i liked this song:)good luck Azerbaijan!!! + my fave rock band Mor ve Otesi represents Turkey this year good luck guys !!!
    12 poits goes to Turkey from Azerbaijan lafi mi olur:)))

  6. I think you either love or hate this song. I can see how some think it’s too over the top, but I love it. Their voices are amazing, not something you’d hear down the karaoke, but I think it’s too serious to actually win Eurovision.

  7. Let me say something to jonti n sergej i think jealousy somtimes can over take you as we can see evil and angel like the song explains so AZERBAIJAN WILL WIN AND IT DNT MATTA WAT U SAY WE WILL SEE BOUT UR COUNTRY !!!

  8. I think that the people can’t have such a bad taste to vote for this cacophony.
    Azerbaijan didn’t take part before and it would be better they never began.

  9. Day after day the best song ever being in Eurovision! We deffenetly are gonna win! Good luck to other contests!


  11. I am Georgian…And I like this song very much….. Elnur and Samir are just great singers and this is great song too…. I like this song and I think this song will win……….

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