Ceca – Culo bola

Mesec nocas zove zemlju
mozda je i dobije
samo mene nece niko
presekla sam linije

Mislio si da sam jaka
da cu da izdrzim sve
a ja isto ko i svaka
pucam gde je najtanje

Ubijena celo vece sedim ja
ubijena od tih hladnih pogleda
ubijena dok ti letis oko nje
ubijena, culo bola zivo je

Nocas traze Atlantidu
ako je i pronadju
naci ce i mene tamo
‘mesto u tvom narucju

Priznao si, na svoj nacin
lose si me tesio
popila sam koju vise
bas si me se resio

Jer ko tesi taj i gresi
a ti si pogresio
odlazim, ne mogu vise
bas si me se resio

English Translation

The Sense Of Pain

The Moon is calling Earth tonight
it might even reach it
Only  nobody wants me
I’ve cut the ties (wires)

I thought I was strong
that I’ll survive everything
But, the same as everyone
I aim where it’s weakest

I’ve been sitting for the entire evening, murdered
Murdered by those cold looks
Murdered while you’re flying around her
Murdered, the sense of pain is alive

They’re looking for Atlantida tonight
even if they find it
they’ll also find me there
instead in your arms

You admitted, in your own way
You got rid of me badly
I’ve drank a few more
you really got rid of me

Because those who comfort, they make mistakes as well
and you’ve made a mistake
I’m leaving, I can’t take it anymore
You’ve really gotten rid of me

for gohan

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