Ruž – Ima nešto u tvojim očima

Tekst pesme

Ima nešto u tvojim očima

Tvoj pogled me mami
i osmeh u tami
kad budemo sami
ljubiću te, dok ne svane

Ref. 2x
Ima nešto u tvojim očima
što mi ne da mira noćima
kad gitara na rivi zasvira
to te moja pesma doziva
otvori prozore, noćas je najteže
biti bez tebe

English Translation

There Is Something In Your Eyes

Your eyes are luring me in
and that smile in the dark
once we’re alone
I’ll kiss you until sunrise

Chorus 2x
There is something in your eyes
that wont let me rest for nights
when the guitar on the boardwalk plays
it’s my song calling you
open your windows, tonight is the hardest time
to be without you

Album_Ruz - Cuvari ljubavi
Album_Ruz – Cuvari ljubavi

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