Tose Proeski – Zajdi zajdi

Зајди, зајди

Зајди, зајди јасно сонце,
зајди помрачи се,
и ти јасна ле месечино,
бегај удави се.

Црнеј горо, црнеј сестро,
двата да црнејме,
ти за твојте лисја ле горо,
јас за мојта младост.

Твојте лисја горо сестро,
пак ќе ти се вратат,
а мојата младост ле горо,
нема да се врати.

Zajdi, zajdi

Zajdi, zajdi jasno sonce
zajdi pomrači se
i ti jasna le mesečino
begaj udavi se.

Crni goro, crni sestro
dvajca da crnejme
ti za tvojte lisja le goro
jas za mojta mladost.

Tvojte lisja goro sestro
pak ḱe ti se vratat
mojta mladost goro le sestro
nema da se vrati


Zađi, zađi

Zađi, zađi sjajno sunce,
Zađi, pomrači se
I ti jasna mesečino
beži, udavi se

Tužna šumo, tužna sestro,
hajde da tugujemo zajedno
Ti – za tvojim lišćem šumo
Ja – za svojom mladošću

Tvoje lišće šumo – sestro
će se tebi vratiti
Moja mladost, šumo – sestro,
vratiti se neće.

English Translation

Set, Set

Set, set bright sun,
Set, blackout
And you clear moonlight too
Run away, drown yourself

Sad forest, sad sister,
Let’s be sad together
You- for your leaves, forest
Me- for my youth.

Your leaves, forest – my sister,
Are going to get back to you
My youth, forest – my sister,
It’s not coming back.

13 thoughts on “ZAJDI ZAJDI

  1. This song (albeit in a female voice) plays at the end of Battlefield 1 “The Runner”, and it’s beautiful.
    RIP Frederick Bishop 1862 – 1915.

  2. Tose sang this song in the most impressive interpretation and performance I have ever heard
    Its a great loss for every musicloving human being
    that Tose died on that young age
    Willem iz Nizozemska

  3. That’s not a very good translation. Here’s an attempt at improving it.

    Set, set, bright Sun
    Set, darken
    you too, clear Moonlight
    run away and drown

    Grieve, Forest, grieve, Sister
    Let us both grieve
    You for your leaves, Forest
    And I for my youth

    Your leaves, Forest, Sister
    will return to you
    but my youth, Forest
    will never return

  4. Thank you for your comment Richard!
    here is Zajdi zajdi performed by Hanka Paldum and Karolina Goceva

    Haris Dzinovic


    but .. Tose is Tose.. so I added his version in the post 🙂

  5. Thanks. I heard this Song on youtube, performed by Tose Proeski. A wonderful Macedonian Song. Though I couldn’t understand the lyric. Then this translation helped me marvelously. Thanks a lot.

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